Results: UFC Fight Night: Ribas vs. Namajunas

Fight Info:
Location: Enterprise, Nevada, United States
Elevation: 778.00m
WTAI Model
Main Under Full
80.0% 75.0% 77.78%
Profit Model
Main Under Full
60.0% 25.0% 44.44%
Plain Model
Main Under Full
60.0% 50.0% 55.56%
Selected Bets for Event:
ROI: %
Parlay Unsuccessful
Parlay of: Billy Quarantillo, Trey Ogden
  • Odds: 168
Parlay Unsuccessful
Parlay of: Ricardo Ramos, Payton Talbott
  • Odds: 150
Parlay Successful
Parlay of: Miles Johns, Mick Parkin
  • Odds: 178
Parlay Successful
Parlay of: Edmen Shahbazyan, Payton Talbott
  • Odds: 143
Parlay Unsuccessful
Parlay of: Rose Namajunas, Karl Williams, Ricardo Ramos
  • Odds: 215

The content below shows how the model reached its conclusion for the prediction. The higher the value of the number, the more confident the model is in the prediction. The confidence scores do not perfectly correlate with accuracy. Use your judgement to see where the model may have missed the mark.

The predictions below are shown in dark grey if they were correct, incorrect predictions are shown in red.
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Analysis: Amanda Ribas vs Rose Namajunas

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Rose Namajunas to Win

Score: 3 Odds: Amanda Ribas: +172 Rose Namajunas: -225

Amanda Ribas's Breakdown

Amanda Ribas is a well-rounded fighter with a strong ground game rooted in her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt credentials. She seamlessly integrates her grappling prowess with an evolving striking arsenal. Ribas's strengths lie in her ability to control opponents on the ground and create submission opportunities.

However, her striking defense has shown vulnerabilities, particularly when facing opponents who can maintain distance and neutralize her clinch game. This was evident in her loss to Marina Rodriguez.

Despite these weaknesses, Ribas has demonstrated notable improvements in her striking technique and increasing comfort in standup exchanges. She oscillates between strawweight and flyweight, showcasing her flexibility.

In her recent fights, Ribas has utilized her jab effectively and engaged more in striking while always threatening with her submissions. Her aggressive forward pressure and clinch-seeking approach aim to nullify her opponent's striking advantages.

Rose Namajunas's Breakdown

Rose Namajunas is a former UFC Women's Strawweight champion known for her dynamic striking and submission skills. Her well-rounded game combines precise striking, especially her proficiency in head strikes, with a solid grappling foundation.

Namajunas's strengths lie in her ability to maintain a high pace, land significant strikes, and threaten with submissions. Her striking defense and takedown defense are also notable assets.

However, she has shown vulnerability to opponents who can close the distance and negate her striking, as seen in her losses to Jessica Andrade and Carla Esparza.

In recent fights, Namajunas has showcased her striking prowess, outpointing Zhang Weili in their rematch. She's also displayed her submission threats, finishing Michelle Waterson-Gomez and Paige VanZant.

Analysis and Key Points

This fight pits Amanda Ribas's grappling-heavy approach against Rose Namajunas's dynamic striking game.

Ribas will likely seek to close the distance, clinch, and take the fight to the ground where she can utilize her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She'll aim to use her jab and improving boxing to set up her grappling entries.

Namajunas, on the other hand, will look to maintain distance, utilize her footwork, and land significant strikes. She'll aim to keep the fight standing where she can make use of her precise striking, especially her head strikes.

The outcome will likely hinge on who can impose their game plan. If Ribas can consistently take Namajunas down and control her on the ground, she has a path to victory. However, if Namajunas can keep the fight standing and punish Ribas as she attempts to close the distance, her striking could be the deciding factor.

Understanding the Prediction

The model's prediction favoring Namajunas is influenced by several key factors:

  1. The odds significantly favor Namajunas (-225) over Ribas (+172), suggesting she's considered a notable favorite.

  2. Namajunas's TrueSkill rating is higher than Ribas's, indicating she's considered the higher-skilled fighter.

  3. Namajunas's significant striking defense percentage is higher than Ribas's, suggesting she's better at avoiding significant strikes.

  4. Namajunas's recent significant striking impact differential is superior to Ribas's, indicating she lands more impactful significant strikes than she absorbs in her recent fights.

However, Ribas does have some statistical advantages:

  1. Her recent takedowns attempted per fight is higher than Namajunas's, suggesting she's more active in seeking takedowns.

  2. Her striking impact differential and striking output differential are superior to Namajunas's, indicating she lands more strikes and more impactful strikes overall than she absorbs.

Past Model Performance

The model's past performance suggests a degree of uncertainty for this prediction:

For Ribas, the model has been correct in 2 out of 4 predictions, incorrectly predicting her fights against Araujo and Cerminara. This suggests some inconsistency in forecasting her outcomes.

For Namajunas, the model has been correct in 1 out of 2 predictions, incorrectly predicting her win over Esparza. This limited data makes it harder to assess the model's reliability for her fights.

Given these inconsistencies and the limited data, there's a level of risk associated with the model's prediction. The prediction should be considered in context of these past performances.


WolfTicketsAI predicts Rose Namajunas to defeat Amanda Ribas, likely by utilizing her dynamic striking to keep the fight standing and outpoint Ribas.

However, Ribas's grappling prowess and aggressive pursuit of takedowns present a clear path to victory for her if she can ground Namajunas.

The model's past performance suggests some inconsistency in predicting both fighters' outcomes, so this prediction carries a degree of uncertainty. The odds and key statistical advantages favor Namajunas, but Ribas's strengths shouldn't be discounted.

Ultimately, this fight will likely be decided by who can impose their game plan and skillset more effectively. While Namajunas is favored, Ribas has the tools to make this a highly competitive fight.

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Analysis: Karl Williams vs Justin Tafa

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Karl Williams to Win

Score: 18 Odds: Karl Williams: -235 Justin Tafa: 180

Karl Williams's Breakdown

Karl Williams is a relatively new fighter in the UFC's heavyweight division, having only two fights under his belt. However, he has shown impressive skills and potential in those outings. Williams is coming off two unanimous decision wins against Chase Sherman and Lukasz Brzeski, showcasing his well-rounded game.

Williams has a strong wrestling background, averaging 4.5 takedowns per fight at a solid 39% accuracy. He uses his wrestling effectively to control opponents on the ground. On the feet, Williams has a decent striking output, landing 3.6 significant strikes per minute while absorbing 2.33. His striking defense is solid at 60.78%.

One potential concern is Williams' limited UFC experience. With only two fights, it's harder to predict how he will fare against tougher competition. However, he has passed his tests so far with flying colors.

Justin Tafa's Breakdown

Justin "Bad Man" Tafa is a seasoned heavyweight with an impressive 7-3-1 record in the UFC. He is known for his heavy hands and has won a majority of his bouts via KO/TKO. In his most recent fight, Tafa scored a first-round knockout over Austen Lane.

Tafa is primarily a striker, with a solid output of 5.13 significant strikes landed per minute. He has serious knockout power, averaging 1.54 knockdowns per fight. However, his striking defense is a bit porous at 49.45%, and he absorbs 5.73 significant strikes per minute.

Tafa's ground game is a question mark, as he has not attempted a submission in his UFC tenure and only attempts 0.77 takedowns per fight. If the fight hits the mat, he may be at a disadvantage against a wrestler like Williams.

Analysis and Key Points

This is a classic striker vs grappler matchup. Tafa will look to keep the fight on the feet and land his signature heavy shots. Williams, meanwhile, will try to use his wrestling to ground Tafa and neutralize his power.

The key for Tafa will be managing distance and staying off the cage. If he can stay in the center of the octagon and make Williams pay for shot attempts, he has a good chance of landing a fight-ending blow. For Williams, persistent wrestle pressure and ground control will be critical. If he can weather Tafa's early storm and tire him out, opportunities for takedowns and ground-and-pound will open up.

Another factor is Williams' southpaw stance. This could give Tafa some trouble, as he is used to fighting orthodox opponents. The angles and openings will be different, and Tafa will need to adjust.

Overall, this is a toss-up fight. Williams has the more complete skillset, but Tafa's power is a game-changer. It may come down to who can impose their gameplan and make the other fight their fight.

Understanding the Prediction

The WolfTicketsAI model predicts Karl Williams to win with a confidence score of 18. Let's break down the key factors influencing this pick:

The odds significantly favor Williams at -235 compared to +180 for Tafa. The model sees Williams as the clear betting favorite.

Williams has better striking impact differentials, both overall and recently. He lands 14.0 more significant strikes than he absorbs, while Tafa gets outstruck by 3.87. This suggests Williams is the more effective and efficient striker.

Williams also attempts far more takedowns at 11.5 per fight vs just 0.77 for Tafa recently. As a wrestler, Williams is more likely to dictate where the fight takes place.

Williams has a striking defense of 53.31% overall, better than Tafa's 47.40%. He's better at avoiding damage, which is crucial in a firefight.

The model was slightly swayed by Williams' 1 inch reach advantage and superior recent striking output differential.

Conversely, Tafa has a higher knockdown average and better recent win percentage. But these factors weren't enough to override Williams' wrestling and striking efficiency edges in the model's judgment.

Past Model Performance

As mentioned, the WolfTickets model has a solid track record with both fighters. It correctly predicted Williams to beat Sherman and Tafa to beat Lane and Porter, all with high confidence.

However, the sample size is small, especially for Williams with only one previous prediction. More data points would be needed to fully trust the model's read on these fighters.

For Tafa, the model's perfect record is encouraging, but the stylistic matchup here is different. Tafa was favored against fellow strikers, but now faces a skilled wrestler.


In summary, WolfTicketsAI is picking Karl Williams to defeat Justin Tafa, likely by decision. The model favors Williams' wrestling and more efficient striking, as reflected in the key stats and betting odds.

However, Tafa's knockout power gives him a clear path to victory if he can keep the fight on the feet. His recent form is also slightly better with three straight wins.

Ultimately, this shapes up as a competitive crossroads fight. Williams looks to use it as a stepping stone up the heavyweight ladder, while Tafa aims to add another highlight KO to his reel. With both men in their prime, expect an exciting clash of styles with high stakes.

The pick is Williams, but Tafa can never be counted out with his game-changing power. It's the kind of close matchup that makes heavyweight MMA so compelling. Just make sure it's actually Justin Tafa who shows up on fight night and not his brother Junior trying to pull a fast one!

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Analysis: Edmen Shahbazyan vs AJ Dobson

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Edmen Shahbazyan to Win

Score: 14 Odds: Edmen Shahbazyan: -180 AJ Dobson: 150

Edmen Shahbazyan's Breakdown

Edmen Shahbazyan enters this bout with a solid 12-4 record, but he's been struggling recently with 4 losses in his last 5 fights. His most recent fight was a KO loss to Anthony Hernandez in May 2023, a concerning result given it's his 3rd KO loss in his last 5 fights.

Prior to this skid, Shahbazyan was on an impressive run, notching wins over the likes of Brad Tavares and Jack Marshman. He's shown strong finishing instincts, with 9 of his 12 wins coming by KO/TKO or submission.

Statistically, Shahbazyan has solid striking metrics, landing 3.57 significant strikes per minute at 53% accuracy. However, he absorbs 4.11 strikes per minute, a potential vulnerability. His grappling is decent, averaging 2.19 takedowns per fight at 39% accuracy.

AJ Dobson's Breakdown

AJ Dobson is 1-2 in the UFC so far, most recently losing a decision to Armen Petrosyan in October 2022. Prior to that, he lost a decision to Jacob Malkoun in February 2022. His lone UFC win came against Tafon Nchukwi by decision in August 2023.

With such a small sample size in the UFC, it's hard to draw too many conclusions about Dobson's game. He's shown solid striking volume, landing 5.11 significant strikes per minute, but his defense is porous, absorbing 5.51 strikes per minute. His takedown game has been solid when he's used it, securing 1.67 takedowns per fight at 83% accuracy.

Analysis and Key Points

This shapes up as a classic striker vs grappler matchup. Shahbazyan will likely look to keep the fight standing and use his high-volume kickboxing to overwhelm Dobson. He throws fast 1-2 combinations and mixes in hard kicks to all levels.

Dobson's path to victory likely involves turning this into a grappling match. He's shown good takedown entries in the UFC, chaining single legs into doubles and finishing strongly. If he can get Shahbazyan down, he'll look to control position and land ground and pound.

The big question is Shahbazyan's durability and whether his chin has deteriorated after those recent KO losses. He was reckless against Brunson in rushing forward, and Hernandez caught him with counters he didn't see coming. If he leaves similar openings for Dobson, he could be in trouble.

Understanding the Prediction

The betting odds are strongly in Shahbazyan's favor at -180, and this was the biggest factor increasing the model's score by 9 points. His significant striking impact differential is also better than Dobson's (+3 to -7.33 for Shahbazyan vs -24.67 for Dobson).

Shahbazyan also attempts more takedowns per fight recently (5.92 vs 1.07), increasing the score by 3 points. His recent significant striking impact differential is better too (+2). Finally, his recent win rate of 33% is better than Dobson's.

Factors slightly decreasing the score: Shahbazyan has a lower TrueSkill rating and has absorbed more strikes recently. His striking defense and accuracy are also a bit worse than Dobson's.

Past Model Performance

As noted above, WolfTickets' recent predictions on Shahbazyan have been good (2-0) while it has struggled with Dobson (0-2). This suggests more confidence in the Shahbazyan side of the prediction. However, the model has overestimated Shahbazyan in the past (Brunson fight), so an upset by Dobson wouldn't be a total shock.


Overall, Edmen Shahbazyan deserves to be favored here based on his longer UFC track record and superior striking metrics. However, his recent skid and those KO losses are concerning, and give AJ Dobson a clear path to victory if he can weather the early storm and turn it into a grappling match.

The odds and prediction score indicate solid confidence in a Shahbazyan win, but given the small sample on Dobson and Shahbazyan's unanswered questions around his chin, this fight does carry upset potential. For a confident bet, I want to see that Shahbazyan's defensive grappling and striking defense have improved. Barring that, Dobson is live for the upset as the underdog if he can exploit those holes with well-timed takedowns and land a fight-changing shot on the feet.

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Here is my analysis of the upcoming fight between Payton Talbott and Cameron Saaiman:

Analysis: Payton Talbott vs Cameron Saaiman

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Payton Talbott to Win

Score: 6 Odds: Payton Talbott: -145 Cameron Saaiman: 120

Payton Talbott's Breakdown

Payton Talbott is undefeated in his UFC career with a perfect 7-0 record. He has an impressive 1.37 submissions per fight, showing his grappling prowess. Talbott also has strong striking stats, landing 5.29 strikes per minute at 64% accuracy. His significant striking defense is solid at 58%.

With a 70 inch reach advantage over Saaiman and superior striking stats across the board, Talbott appears well-positioned to keep this fight standing and outstrike his opponent. His submission threat also gives him a clear path to victory if the fight hits the mat.

Cameron Saaiman's Breakdown

Cameron Saaiman has a 2-1 UFC record, most recently losing to Christian Rodriguez by unanimous decision. This snapped a 9-fight win streak.

Saaiman is a balanced fighter with 0.95 takedowns per fight and 5.51 significant strikes landed per minute. However, his striking defense is a concern at just 53%. He absorbs 2.43 head strikes per minute. Against a dangerous striker like Talbott, this defensive deficiency could spell trouble.

Analysis and Key Points

This shapes up as a striker vs grappler matchup, with Talbott having the edge in both departments. His significant striking output, accuracy and defense are all markedly better than Saaiman's. If Saaiman can't get the fight to the ground, he'll likely be pieced up on the feet.

Talbott's reach advantage is also a major factor. He'll be able to strike from the outside while Saaiman struggles to get in range. Look for Talbott to punish Saaiman with straight punches and front kicks from distance.

The submission grappling is Saaiman's best path to victory, but Talbott is no slouch there either, with over a submission per fight on average. Saaiman will have a hard time taking down and controlling the larger man.

Understanding the Prediction

The betting odds are strongly in Talbott's favor at -145, and this lines up with what the predictive model sees. Talbott's reach, striking metrics, and recent win percentage all push the needle towards him.

Specifically, Talbott's striking impact differential and striking output differential are much higher than Saaiman's. This suggests he lands cleanly at a high rate while avoiding damage in return. His striking accuracy and defense percentage are also significantly better.

The one area that favors Saaiman is significant striking defense, but it's not enough to outweigh Talbott's many other statistical advantages. Overall, the numbers paint a picture of a fighter in Talbott who can dictate range, land power shots, and grapple if needed.

Past Model Performance

With no past data on Talbott and mixed results for Saaiman, it's hard to have a high degree of confidence in the model's prediction here. Saaiman's loss to Rodriguez after being picked to win shows the model can miss on him.

That said, Talbott is a more straightforward fighter to project, as an undefeated fighter with excellent metrics. There's less uncertainty around his abilities and trajectory. So while we can't fully trust the model, other signs point to a Talbott victory.


Payton Talbott has to be considered a strong favorite over Cameron Saaiman based on his undefeated record, striking and grappling skills, and superior physical attributes. He has clear paths to victory both on the feet and on the mat.

Saaiman's best chance is to turn this into a grappling match and test Talbott's ground game. But given the reach disparity and Talbott's takedown defense, Saaiman will likely be stuck on the end of straight punches for much of the fight.

WolfTickets predicts a Talbott win and the evidence supports this, but the model's lack of data on both fighters makes this a riskier bet. Still, Talbott should be able to utilize his many advantages to earn a finish and continue his unbeaten run in the UFC.

SHAP Chart

Analysis: Billy Quarantillo vs Youssef Zalal

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Billy Quarantillo to Win

Score: 0.0 Odds: Billy Quarantillo: -156 Youssef Zalal: 122

Billy Quarantillo's Breakdown

Billy Quarantillo is a seasoned UFC featherweight with an impressive 18-5 record. His recent performances have shown his striking power, with KO/TKO victories over Alexander Hernandez and Gabriel Benitez. Quarantillo's well-rounded game allows him to find success both on the feet and on the ground, with submissions also making up a significant part of his win tally.

However, Quarantillo's recent loss to Edson Barboza via KO/TKO in the first round raises some concerns. Getting finished early can sometimes point to a fighter being on the decline. That said, Barboza is an elite striker and this loss alone doesn't negate Quarantillo's overall skills and record.

Youssef Zalal's Breakdown

Youssef Zalal is a talented fighter known for his agility and diverse skill set. He blends striking and grappling effectively, using slick footwork to create angles. However, the consistency of his performances has been an issue. He can be passive at times, relying on counterstrikes, while aggressive in other outings.

Zalal's recent record is concerning, having lost his last 3 UFC fights by decision. Adapting to the UFC's elite competition seems to be a challenge for him. His fight metrics, like striking defense and striking output, have noticeably declined in recent bouts compared to his peak.

Analysis and Key Points

This fight likely comes down to Quarantillo's power and pressure against Zalal's technical movement and diverse arsenal. Quarantillo will look to close the distance and unload heavy shots, while Zalal will aim to stick and move, picking his spots.

Quarantillo's recent KO loss is a red flag, but his overall UFC tenure shows he's dangerous everywhere. Zalal's three-fight skid suggests he's struggling against top competition. His best path to victory is using his reach advantage to outpoint Quarantillo at range.

Understanding the Prediction

WolfTicketsAI's confidence score of 0 in Quarantillo suggests significant uncertainty in the pick. Key factors:

Quarantillo's odds at -156 increased the score, showing he's favored by oddsmakers. His 67% recent win percentage also boosted confidence.

However, Zalal's slightly higher TrueSkill rating and better striking defense percentage pulled the score back towards even.

Other factors like striking metrics slightly favor Quarantillo but not overwhelmingly. His edge in power, reflected in impact differentials, is notable but not definitive given Zalal's technical skills.

Past Model Performance

With a limited prediction history on these fighters, it's challenging to assess the model's past performance. It has had success predicting Quarantillo overall (2-1) but the sample size is small. No data exists for Zalal.

This lack of history, especially for Zalal, means past results provide little insight into the reliability of this particular prediction. More data would be needed for a robust assessment.


WolfTicketsAI leans towards Billy Quarantillo but with very low confidence. His power striking and overall UFC experience are assets, but Youssef Zalal's technical skills and reach advantage introduce significant uncertainty.

Quarantillo's recent KO loss and Zalal's three-fight skid add further complications in forecasting this bout. The lack of prediction history, especially for Zalal, also makes it hard to trust the model's pick.

Overall, this shapes up as a competitive fight with no clear favorite. While Quarantillo may have a slight edge on paper, Zalal's unorthodox style makes him a live underdog. Given the uncertainty, this is a risky fight to bet on based purely on the WolfTicketsAI prediction. More data and a higher confidence score would be needed to inspire real conviction in the pick.

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Analysis: Kurt Holobaugh vs Trey Ogden

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Trey Ogden to Win

Score: 4 Odds: Kurt Holobaugh: 125 Trey Ogden: -150

Kurt Holobaugh's Breakdown

Kurt Holobaugh is a seasoned veteran with a solid 21-7-1 record, but he's had a mixed bag in his UFC run. After losing his first three UFC fights by decision, KO and submission, he rebounded with an impressive submission win over Austin Hubbard in his most recent outing.

Holobaugh has decent striking stats, landing 5.14 significant strikes per minute at 44% accuracy. He absorbs 4.07 head strikes per minute though, which could be a liability against a precise striker. His takedown game is hit or miss, landing 1.17 per fight at 36% accuracy.

Trey Ogden's Breakdown

Trey Ogden is 16-6-1 overall, but just 2-2 in the UFC. After a split decision loss in his debut, he rebounded with a unanimous decision win over Daniel Zellhuber. But then he suffered a unanimous decision loss to Ignacio Bahamondes before having his last fight overturned.

Ogden lands 3.64 significant strikes per minute at 47% accuracy, while absorbing very little in return. His striking defense is solid at 58%. While he attempts a lot of takedowns (7.73 per fight), his success rate is low at just 17%.

Analysis and Key Points

This bout pits a veteran in Holobaugh against a relative newcomer in Ogden who is still finding his footing in the UFC.

Holobaugh has the experience edge and is coming off an impressive submission win. His striking output outpaces Ogden's and he's a busier offensive fighter overall. However, his defensive striking numbers are concerning, especially the 4+ head strikes absorbed per minute.

Ogden doesn't land at as high a clip, but he's more accurate and harder to hit. His striking defense is quite good. The big question mark is his wrestling - he shoots a lot of takedowns but rarely secures them. Against a savvy vet like Holobaugh, failed takedowns could lead to bad positions.

Understanding the Prediction

The odds favor Ogden, likely due to his youth and upside compared to the aging Holobaugh. This decreased the model's score by 4 points in Holobaugh's favor.

However, Ogden has a better recent win percentage (33% vs 25%), which swung the score by 3 points. His overall Trueskill rating is also higher.

In terms of fight stats, Ogden has the edge in striking impact differential and average striking output differential. This suggests that not only does he land more than he absorbs, but his shots do more damage. These factors each boosted the model score by 1 point.

The one stat that favors Holobaugh is striking defense percentage, decreasing the score slightly. But overall, the numbers seem to favor Ogden.

Past Model Performance

The model has only made one prediction for each fighter, and got both wrong. It picked against Holobaugh in his upset submission win, and incorrectly took Ogden in a fight that ended up as an overturned loss.

This limited and shaky prediction history does reduce confidence in the pick to some degree. More data is needed to properly evaluate the model's understanding of these two fighters.


WolfTicketsAI is picking Trey Ogden to outpoint veteran Kurt Holobaugh, likely by decision. The model seems to favor Ogden's youth, efficiency, and striking skill over Holobaugh's experience and well-rounded game.

However, this prediction comes with a few caveats. Neither guy has a long UFC track record yet, so there are still some unknowns. Ogden's takedown struggles could be exploited by a crafty vet. And the model has misfired on both fighters in the past.

Still, if Ogden can maintain distance, stuff takedowns, and keep things on the feet where he excels, he has a great shot at tallying another win over a seasoned opponent. The pick is Ogden, but not with the highest degree of confidence.

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Analysis: Ricardo Ramos vs Julian Erosa

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Ricardo Ramos to Win

Score: 10 Odds: Ricardo Ramos: -164 Julian Erosa: +132

Ricardo Ramos's Breakdown

Ricardo Ramos is a skilled Brazilian fighter who employs a well-rounded MMA game. He has a solid striking arsenal, landing 3.59 significant strikes per minute at 40% accuracy. Ramos also threatens with submissions, averaging 0.73 submissions per fight. His takedown game is active, attempting 4.70 takedowns per fight.

However, Ramos' striking defense is an area of concern, absorbing 3.36 significant strikes per minute with just a 53% striking defense percentage. In his most recent fight against Charles Jourdain, this gap was exploited as he lost by submission in the 1st round.

Julian Erosa's Breakdown

Julian Erosa is an action-fighter who pressures opponents with diverse strikes at a high pace. He lands 6.08 significant strikes per minute, outpacing his opponents by 2.85 strikes. Erosa is especially active to the head and body.

Defensively, Erosa struggles. His striking defense is just 44% and he absorbs 4.64 head strikes per minute. His aggressive style can leave him open to counters. Erosa was KO'd in the 1st round of his last fight against Alex Caceres in December 2022.

Analysis and Key Points

This matchup pits Ramos' diverse skill set against Erosa's pressure striking. Key factors:

  • Can Erosa's constant forward pressure overwhelm Ramos?
  • Will Ramos be able to take Erosa down and work his submission game?
  • Whose striking will be more impactful - Ramos' precision or Erosa's volume?

Both fighters are coming off losses and need a win. Ramos has more ways to win with his grappling abilities, but can't afford to get drawn into a brawl. Erosa's path to victory is making this an all-out striking battle.

Understanding the Prediction

The WolfTickets model predicts Ramos as a strong favorite, driven by:

Odds: The betting odds significantly favor Ramos at -164 compared to +132 for Erosa. This is the biggest factor increasing the model's score.

Recent Win Percentage: Ramos has won 33% of his last 3 fights compared to Erosa at 33%. This is increasing the model's confidence in Ramos.

Striking Defense: Ramos' striking defense (53.7%) is much better than Erosa's (44.1%), decreasing Erosa's chances in the model's view.

Notable factors working against Ramos in the model:

TrueSkill Rating: Ramos' rating (31.71) is higher than Erosa's (26.76), but the model sees this as decreasing Ramos' chances, likely due to the rating overstating Ramos' abilities.

Past Model Performance

The model's past predictions for these fighters urge caution. While it did correctly predict Ramos to beat Chavez, it was wrong in picking him over Jourdain. And the model has had an even tougher time forecasting Erosa's fights, incorrectly predicting his last two bouts.

Given the model's shaky recent record on both fighters, this prediction should be approached carefully, especially with Erosa's Underdog odds providing appealing returns.


The model predicts a Ramos victory, and his well-rounded skills provide logical support for this pick. But Erosa's forward pressure and striking volume make him a live Underdog. Both fighters have been involved in unpredictable fights recently, making this a risky bet despite the strong prediction. For risk-tolerant bettors, Erosa's Underdog odds may be worth a small wager given the model's past issues predicting both fighters.

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Analysis: Miles Johns vs Cody Gibson

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Miles Johns to Win

Score: 7 Odds: Miles Johns: -142 Cody Gibson: 112

Miles Johns's Breakdown

Miles Johns is an explosive athlete in the bantamweight division, known for his heavy-handed boxing and solid wrestling base. His strengths lie in his power punching, particularly with his right hand, and his ability to defend takedowns. However, he can sometimes overextend on his power shots, leaving openings for counterpunches.

In his loss to John Castaneda, Johns relied too heavily on big swings without setting them up properly, allowing Castaneda to time counters and ultimately submit him with a rare arm-triangle choke from bottom position. To improve, Johns should work on blending his power with more precise striking, taking notes from fighters like Max Holloway.

Johns does have several impressive UFC wins by KO/TKO, showcasing his finishing ability. But the loss to Castaneda exposed some holes in his game that he'll need to shore up.

Cody Gibson's Breakdown

Cody Gibson is an aggressive fighter who mixes solid boxing with effective wrestling. He's constantly pressuring opponents with strikes and takedown attempts, wearing them down over time. His recent fights have shown improved striking accuracy and defensive grappling.

In his most recent loss to Brad Katona, Gibson used his jab and cross to set up level changes and takedown attempts. While he kept Katona on the defensive, he was ultimately outstruck over 3 rounds to lose a unanimous decision.

Analysis and Key Points

This shapes up as a classic striker vs grappler matchup. Johns will look to keep it standing and land power shots, while Gibson will attempt to drag it to the mat and unleash his grinding style.

Johns's ability to defend takedowns will be key. If he can shrug off Gibson's attempts, he'll have a major advantage on the feet with his powerful hands. But if Gibson gets him down, it could be a long night for Johns.

Johns's questionable fight IQ is also a concern - if he loads up too much on his punches, the crafty Gibson could make him pay with counters and takedowns.

Gibson needs to be mindful of Johns's power and not wade in too recklessly. Utilizing a hit-and-don't-get-hit approach to land strikes and level change would serve him well.

Understanding the Prediction

The model leans Johns here mainly based on his striking and significant striking defense advantages (striking_defense_percentage, recent_significant_striking_defense_percentage). Johns absorbs less strikes than Gibson per minute (2.99 vs 4.81) while having a higher striking defense rate both recently (79.65% vs 54.34%) and overall (71.57% vs 55.72%).

Johns also has better recent win percentage (0.67 vs 0.00) and a slightly better overall win rate (86.67% vs 68.97%). The odds being in Johns's favor also boosted the prediction score.

However, Gibson's 5-inch reach advantage and slightly higher TrueSkill rating did pull the score down a bit. Gibson will have chances to win this if he can get inside and land takedowns.

Past Model Performance

WolfTicketsAI has been very accurate in predicting Johns's fights, going 3 for 3 on him including correctly calling his upset loss to Castaneda.

For Gibson, there's only the single recent prediction which was correct, but not a lot to go off overall. His lack of UFC data does make this prediction a bit more uncertain.


Overall, WolfTicketsAI sees Miles Johns as a solid favorite here based on his striking advantages and higher recent winning percentage. His ability to keep it standing and land power shots gives him a clear path to victory.

However, Cody Gibson's wrestling and aggressive pressure could give Johns problems if he's able to close the distance. And Johns has shown vulnerabilities in the past when he opts to brawl.

Still, the model has a good track record on Johns and sees his defensive grappling as being solid enough to keep it on the feet, where he should have the edge to earn the win. But with limited data on Gibson's recent form, this is not a super high confidence pick.

SHAP Chart

Analysis: Mohammed Usman vs Mick Parkin

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Mick Parkin to Win

Score: 2 Odds: Mohammed Usman: 124 Mick Parkin: -158

Mohammed Usman's Breakdown

Mohammed Usman is coming into this fight with an impressive 11-2 record, including 3 straight wins in the UFC. His last fight was a unanimous decision victory over Jake Collier in September 2023. Usman has shown solid takedown ability, averaging 6.7 takedown attempts per fight in his UFC career. He's also displayed power, with 0.4 knockdowns per fight.

However, Usman does have some defensive liabilities. He absorbs 2.4 head strikes per minute and has a significant striking defense percentage of only 52%. His striking differential stats are also concerning, absorbing more total and significant strikes than he lands.

Mick Parkin's Breakdown

Mick Parkin is undefeated at 8-0, with 2 UFC wins including a recent unanimous decision over Caio Machado in November 2023. Parkin has shown a well-rounded skillset, landing 1.5 leg kicks per minute, 2.3 head strikes per minute, and averaging 1.5 takedowns per fight at a 30% accuracy rate.

Defensively, Parkin holds the edge over Usman. He has a striking defense percentage of 53% (vs Usman's 48%) and a significant striking defense of 58% (vs Usman's 52%). He also has positive striking and significant striking differentials, landing more than he absorbs.

Analysis and Key Points

This is an intriguing matchup between two heavyweights with momentum. Usman's power and takedown game make him a threat, but Parkin's more well-rounded and defensively sound game seems to give him the edge.

Parkin's ability to mix in leg kicks and head strikes on the feet, along with his takedown ability, should allow him to dictate where this fight takes place. And with his striking and significant striking defense both being over 50%, he's shown he can avoid damage better than Usman.

The key for Usman will be using his wrestling to ground Parkin and unleash ground-and-pound. But Parkin's 100% takedown defense so far in the UFC suggests that may be easier said than done.

Understanding the Prediction

The model predicts a Parkin victory, but only with a confidence score of 2, suggesting it sees this fight as competitive. A few key factors from the SHAP data stand out in explaining the pick:

  • Parkin's 1.83 recent takedown attempts per fight is much higher than Usman's 6.92, increasing Parkin's win probability substantially. This suggests Parkin's wrestling could be a major factor.

  • Usman's odds being lower than Parkin's decreased his win probability. The betting markets seem to favor Parkin as well.

  • Parkin has the edge in recent significant striking differentials. His +4.83 to Usman's -14.11 outputs and +25.67 to -18.27 impacts suggest he's the more effective striker lately.

So in summary, the model favors Parkin's wrestling, striking efficiency, and the information baked into his odds. But Usman's power striking and overall experience keep things competitive.

Past Model Performance

With no past predictions for Parkin and only one for Usman (which it got correct), it's hard to evaluate the model's historical performance for these fighters. More past predictions would certainly increase confidence in the pick. As is, the lack of predictive history has to be considered a risk factor.


WolfTicketsAI predicts a close win for Mick Parkin, seeing his grappling, striking efficiency, and favorable odds as tipping the scales over Mohammed Usman's power and experience. However, with little-to-no prediction history for either fighter, this pick comes with substantial uncertainty. This profiles as a competitive fight where both men have paths to victory, so while a Parkin win is the most likely outcome, an Usman upset would hardly be shocking.