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Predictions Before Every Event

Everything starts with our predictions, quickly see before each event the predictions, along with the model's confidence.

  • View Predictions from 3 Leading Models
  • See Outcomes Per Fighter as a Percentage
  • Up-To-Date Odds Viewable Below

At a glance see how confident a model is, how many agree, and how their fights have ended.

Algorithmic Betting Strategies

Predictions are great, but putting them to use effectively is the most important thing we do. Use our betting strategies to maximize your winnings.

  • Start with 5 bets per event, bet evenly on each
  • Each bet is a parlay of 2-3 fighters
  • No fighter can be in more than 2 parlays per event
  • Bias towards successful model performance

Balance risk vs returns with Parlays that aren't easily cracked!

Rich Prediction Insights and Analysis

We maintain a constantly evolving profile of each fighter's tendencies and history before each event and use that to write insights breaking down the fight.

  • Easy to understand breakdowns for each fighter
  • Analysis and key points of the matchup
  • Explanation of the statistics that drove the prediction
  • Past model performance for each fighter
  • Concise conclusion alerting to any potential issues

At a glance see how confident a model is, how many agree, and how their fights have ended.

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