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How to Use WolfTickets.AI:
View Predictions
Once logged in the home page always has the most recent predictions available, along with the odds from when the prediction was made.
Use the WolfTicketsAI Prediction
Start with our most performant model, a blend of all our approaches. If a fighter has a Prediction specified as a number, they are predicted to win. The higher the number, the more confident the model is in this prediction. Though, fighters with less data can make the model over confident.
View All Predictions
Click on the title of the event like `UFC Fight Night: Fiziev vs. Gamrot` to view all the predictions and even more data about the fighters. This page will show you the predicted score from all of our models, along with how many fights have ended by specific methods for each fighter, and the latest odds for each fighter.
View Full Details for a Fight
Click on any specific row to view the stats breakdown on that particular fight. This page provides insights driven by an LLM, a full list of stats for each fighter along with how they track against the averages for their weight class, the latest odds for the fight, and a full list of their fights in the UFC.
See Fighter Trends
Lastly, if you click on a specific stat like `Clinch Strikes Absorbed per Minute` you will get a graph that tracks the value of that stat for both fighters over their career in the UFC. These trends showcase fighters on the rise as well as those on their decline.
Place Better Bets
With accurate predictions, context for when there are potential issues, and insights into their trends and past performances you are well-equipped to bet confidently on the UFC. Good Luck!
Recent Performance:
The results of the most recent 10 events are below, click on any event to learn more.