Results: UFC 297: Strickland vs. Du Plessis

Fight Info:
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Elevation: 77.00m
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UFC Fight Analysis: Sean Strickland vs Dricus Du Plessis

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Sean Strickland to Win

Sean Strickland's Breakdown

Sean Strickland, a middleweight mauler, boasts an impressive resume with a strong leaning towards striking, particularly boxing. His recent unanimous decision victory over Israel Adesanya, a titan in the division, showcases his high fighting IQ and ability to go toe-to-toe with the best in striking duels. This fight, alongside his KO/TKO win over Abus Magomedov, reflects his proficiency in maintaining pressure with a barrage of straight punches and jabs. However, it's important to note his susceptibility to leg kicks and body strikes, evident in past fights.

Strickland's style mirrors that of Nate Diaz, leveraging consistent pressure and a high-volume striking game. His takedown defense has improved, as seen in the fight against Jack Hermansson, but a lack of finish in recent fights, such as the one against Nassourdine Imavov, highlights a potential area for growth. A recent split decision loss to Jared Cannonier and a KO/TKO loss to Alex Pereira raise concerns about his ability to handle power strikers.

Dricus Du Plessis's Breakdown

Dricus Du Plessis enters the Octagon with a diverse skill set, marked by an unorthodox and aggressive style. His recent KO/TKO victory against Robert Whittaker is a testament to his ability to strategize and adapt mid-fight, employing techniques like a southpaw jab and outside low kicks effectively. Du Plessis' ground game is equally formidable, showcasing technical proficiency in matches like the one against Derek Brunson, where he utilized an empty half guard escape effectively.

His striking mechanics, while not traditionally textbook, are effective and complemented by a solid grappling foundation. Du Plessis' victory over Darren Till by submission and his unanimous decision win against Brad Tavares highlight his versatility and tactical intelligence. However, his approach might leave him vulnerable to disciplined strikers who can exploit his sometimes chaotic style.

Analysis and Key Points

The upcoming clash between Strickland and Du Plessis presents a fascinating stylistic matchup. Strickland’s boxing-centric approach and forward pressure will be key against Du Plessis' unorthodox and versatile arsenal. The fight could hinge on Strickland's ability to maintain his rhythm and pressure without falling prey to Du Plessis' dynamic striking and grappling.

Strickland needs to leverage his jab and straight punches while being mindful of Du Plessis' power and unpredictability. Du Plessis, on the other hand, should look to exploit any openings with his diverse striking and seize opportunities on the ground, given Strickland's past vulnerabilities to leg and body attacks.


Sean Strickland's disciplined striking and improved ground game give him the edge in this matchup, but Du Plessis' dynamic style and tactical adaptability make him a formidable opponent. The fight is likely to be a tightly contested battle, with Strickland's consistency in striking being the decisive factor. Expect a strategic showdown with moments of high intensity and technical prowess from both fighters.

UFC Fight Analysis: Raquel Pennington vs Mayra Bueno Silva

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Raquel Pennington to Win

Raquel Pennington's Breakdown

Raquel Pennington, a seasoned warrior in the Women's Bantamweight division, brings an arsenal that's heavy on resilience, striking, and clinch work. Her recent unanimous decision win over Aspen Ladd showcases her ability to handle aggressive strikers and turn the tide in her favor. Pennington's strategy often revolves around closing the distance, utilizing dirty boxing in the clinch, reminiscent of the approach of fighters like Randy Couture. Her split decision victory over Ketlen Vieira further cements her capability to handle versatile fighters.

Pennington's fight against Macy Chiasson is a testament to her evolving ground game. Her adeptness at transitioning from striking to submissions, particularly guillotine chokes, has become a crucial aspect of her style. Despite her loss to Holly Holm, Pennington demonstrated a steadfastness against a fighter known for a more evasive, hit-and-run style.

What stands out is Pennington's consistent performance against top-level competition. Her ability to adapt and evolve, even in losses, highlights her growth as a fighter. Pennington's clinch work, combined with an improved ground game, makes her a formidable opponent for anyone in the division.

Mayra Bueno Silva's Breakdown

Mayra Bueno Silva brings a contrasting style to the octagon, characterized by her aggressive grappling and submission skills. Her recent submission win over Holly Holm was particularly impressive, showcasing her ability to finish fights against high-level opponents. Silva's victory against Lina Lansberg through submission underlines her prowess on the ground.

Silva's style is aggressive, often forcing opponents into uncomfortable grappling exchanges where she shines. Her armbar victory over Stephanie Egger is a prime example of her submission threat. Against Wu Yanan, Silva displayed her striking evolution, combining it effectively with her grappling base.

However, Silva's losses to fighters like Manon Fiorot and Maryna Moroz expose potential weaknesses in striking defense and pacing. Silva's aggressive style can sometimes lead to her being caught in exchanges or gassed out in later rounds.

Analysis and Key Points

Pennington's experience and adaptability in the face of diverse fighting styles make her a tough match-up for Silva. While Silva's ground game is formidable, Pennington has shown significant improvements in her grappling defense and submission awareness. The key for Pennington will be to manage the distance effectively, utilize her clinch work to wear Silva down, and avoid prolonged ground exchanges.

Silva, on the other hand, will need to find a way to bring the fight to the ground and exploit any openings for submissions. Her striking has improved, but she'll need to be cautious of Pennington's counter-striking and clinch control.


This fight is a classic striker vs. grappler matchup, with both fighters having evolved to become more well-rounded. Pennington's experience and recent performance trend suggest she has the tools to neutralize Silva's grappling threat and control the fight in the clinch and at striking range. Silva's path to victory lies in her ability to take the fight to the ground and lock in a submission. However, given Pennington's recent form and adaptability, WolfTicketsAI's prediction of a Pennington win seems well-founded.

UFC Fight Analysis: Neil Magny vs Mike Malott

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Mike Malott to Win

Neil Magny's Breakdown

Neil Magny, a seasoned welterweight, brings a vast experience with 28 wins and 12 losses. His long reach, impressive cardio, and volume striking are his hallmarks. Despite his strengths, he's shown vulnerability to powerful strikers and leg kicks. Magny's recent performances display a decline in his ability to handle fighters who exploit these weaknesses, as seen in his losses to Ian Garry, Gilbert Burns, and Shavkat Rakhmonov.

In his fight against Garry, Magny's leg kick defense was noticeably lacking, leading to significant mobility issues. This pattern was also evident in his bouts against Larkin and dos Anjos. Magny's adaptability and high fight IQ, however, allow him to make mid-fight adjustments, using his jab and range to control the pace.

Against Phil Rowe and Max Griffin, Magny leveraged his reach and endurance effectively, demonstrating a consistent evolution in his striking and grappling. Magny's ability to switch strategies mid-fight is crucial, but his recent trend of losses against strong grapplers and power strikers, with a 33% win rate in recent fights, indicates a potential decline in his career trajectory.

Mike Malott's Breakdown

Mike Malott, with a record of 10 wins and 1 loss, shows a stark contrast in his career trajectory. He's a rising star with a striking 91% win rate and a recent flawless record. Malott's striking and submission skills are formidable, as seen in his victories against Adam Fugitt and Yohan Lainesse.

Malott's prowess in submissions and knockouts, showcased in his wins over Fugitt, Lainesse, and Mickey Gall, indicates his versatility and ability to finish fights. His impressive takedown accuracy and ability to control the pace with significant strikes are key advantages. Malott's ability to execute submissions and knockdowns demonstrates his threat in both striking and grappling domains.

With Malott's recent performance trend, he shows a dominance that's hard to overlook. His capability to adapt and utilize various techniques, combined with his high finishing rate, makes him a formidable opponent in the welterweight division.

Analysis and Key Points

Magny's experience and range could be crucial in keeping Malott at bay. However, Malott's aggressive striking and submission threat might overwhelm Magny, especially considering Magny's vulnerability to leg kicks and powerful strikes. Malott's recent performance showcases a fighter on the rise, capable of handling various fighting styles and finishing fights decisively.

Magny's challenge will be to utilize his reach and experience to control the pace and avoid Malott's power strikes and submission attempts. Malott, on the other hand, will likely seek to exploit Magny's weaknesses in leg kick defense and grappling.


Considering both fighters' styles and recent performances, Mike Malott holds a significant advantage. His ability to finish fights with both strikes and submissions, combined with his recent momentum, makes him a strong contender to win this matchup. Magny's experience and range are notable, but his recent struggles against fighters with similar capabilities to Malott tilt the prediction in Malott's favor. WolfTicketsAI's prediction of Malott winning is well-founded, based on the analysis of their recent fights, techniques, and overall career trajectories.

UFC Fight Analysis: Chris Curtis vs Marc-Andre Barriault

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Marc-Andre Barriault to Win

Chris Curtis's Breakdown

Chris Curtis, sporting a professional MMA record of 30 wins, 10 losses, and 1 no contest, is a seasoned fighter with a notable striking background. In recent bouts, he's shown resilience and adaptability, particularly against high-level grapplers like Rodolfo Vieira. Curtis's striking, marked by a strong left hand and effective hooks and uppercuts, is his most potent weapon. He's demonstrated a knack for body shots to wear down opponents, an approach he used effectively against Vieira. However, Curtis's performance has shown a tendency for hesitancy in early rounds, potentially costing him on scorecards.

In his fight against Kelvin Gastelum, Curtis displayed his striking prowess but fell short in a unanimous decision. Against Nassourdine Imavov, Curtis demonstrated his ability to withstand pressure, particularly in grappling exchanges, but an accidental clash of heads led to a no contest. His win against Joaquin Buckley, marked by effective counter-striking, highlighted his knockout power.

Curtis's stats, including his high knockdown rate and significant strikes landed per minute, underscore his striking capabilities. However, his recent win percentage of 0.33 signals a need to refine his approach, particularly in dealing with tactical fighters who can exploit his aggression.

Marc-Andre Barriault's Breakdown

Marc-Andre Barriault brings a record of 16 wins, 6 losses, and 1 no contest. Known for his aggressive style and endurance, Barriault has demonstrated his ability to maintain a high pace and impose his will in the octagon. His durability and forward pressure make him a formidable opponent.

Barriault's recent performances, like his unanimous decision win over Eryk Anders, showcase his striking and grappling skills. His bout against Julian Marquez highlighted his proficiency in boxing combinations and pressure tactics, reminiscent of fighters like Eddie Alvarez. However, his loss to Anthony Hernandez via submission points to potential vulnerabilities in his ground game.

Against Jordan Wright, Barriault's pressure-based striking was effective, dictating the pace and controlling positioning. His match against Chidi Njokuani, though ending in a loss, demonstrated his willingness to engage in striking exchanges, albeit with some defensive gaps.

Barriault's stats, with significant strikes landed per minute and a notable striking accuracy, paint him as a high-volume striker. His recent win percentage of 0.67 indicates a positive trend in his career, though his approach leaves room for potential counterattacks.

Analysis and Key Points

Both fighters are striking specialists, but their approaches differ. Curtis is more of a precision striker with knockout power, as seen in his fight against Buckley. Barriault, on the other hand, is a pressure fighter who thrives in high-pace exchanges, evident in his bout against Wright.

Curtis's tendency for hesitancy and a lower recent win rate could be factors against the relentless aggression of Barriault. Barriault's pressure might overwhelm Curtis, especially if the latter doesn't adapt quickly. However, Curtis's counter-striking ability poses a threat to Barriault's aggressive style, offering opportunities for Curtis if he can exploit Barriault's forward momentum.


This matchup is poised to be a striking battle with both fighters having the capability to end the fight early. Barriault's relentless pressure and high-volume striking could be the key to victory, particularly if he maintains his pace and avoids Curtis's powerful counters. The prediction for Barriault to win seems grounded in his recent performances and his ability to dictate the pace of the fight. However, Curtis's knockout power and counter-striking skills should not be underestimated, making this an intriguing and potentially close contest.

UFC Fight Analysis: Arnold Allen vs Movsar Evloev

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Movsar Evloev to Win

Arnold Allen's Breakdown

Arnold Allen, sporting a commendable record, has shown versatility in his UFC tenure. His recent unanimous decision loss to Max Holloway, despite being competitive, indicates a gap in striking volume and adaptability against top-tier competition. However, Allen's victory over Calvin Kattar by TKO, albeit marred by Kattar's knee injury, and his TKO win against Dan Hooker highlight his dangerous striking capabilities, particularly his powerful left hand and ability to capitalize on opponents' vulnerabilities.

Allen's fight with Sodiq Yusuff showcases his resilience and strategic acumen. His capacity to manage distance, land significant head strikes, and absorb pressure are noteworthy. His unanimous decision win over Nik Lentz further underlines his competence in striking and takedown defense. However, Allen's tendency to absorb head strikes, as seen in his stats, could be a concern against a fighter with strong grappling and striking skills.

Movsar Evloev's Breakdown

Movsar Evloev enters the octagon undefeated, a testament to his formidable grappling prowess and improved striking. His recent unanimous decision wins over seasoned fighters like Diego Lopes and Dan Ige demonstrate his ability to control fights with his wrestling and strategic striking. Evloev's match against Hakeem Dawodu further cements his reputation as a dominant grappler, consistently dictating the fight's pace and location.

Evloev's victory over Nik Lentz, albeit via split decision, was a display of his resilience and adaptability. His performance against Mike Grundy, where he successfully neutralized Grundy's wrestling, highlights his superior takedown defense and counter-wrestling skills. Evloev's evolving striking game, as seen in his fights, complements his grappling, making him a well-rounded threat in the featherweight division.

Analysis and Key Points

The upcoming fight between Allen and Evloev is a classic striker vs. grappler matchup. Allen's striking, characterized by his powerful left hand and effective distance management, will be critical. However, his tendency to absorb head strikes could be exploited by Evloev's improving striking game. Evloev's relentless pressure and top-notch grappling are likely to pose significant challenges for Allen, especially considering Evloev's ability to dictate the pace and location of the fight.

Allen will need to leverage his striking accuracy and power to keep Evloev at bay and potentially capitalize on any striking exchanges. Conversely, Evloev's strategy will likely involve applying pressure, securing takedowns, and dominating the ground game. Evloev's striking defense and ability to blend takedowns with strikes will be key in managing Allen's striking threat.


Movsar Evloev's undefeated record, combined with his superior grappling skills and evolving striking, positions him as the favorite against Arnold Allen. While Allen's striking prowess poses a legitimate threat, Evloev's ability to control the fight's pace and location with his wrestling is expected to be the decisive factor. The prediction leans towards Evloev maintaining his undefeated streak by exploiting his grappling advantage and neutralizing Allen's striking.

UFC Fight Analysis: Brad Katona vs Garrett Armfield

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Brad Katona to Win

Brad Katona's Breakdown

Brad Katona, boasting a UFC record of 3 wins and 2 losses, is a versatile fighter with a proven track record in grappling and striking. His unanimous decision victory over Cody Gibson showcased a well-rounded game, with Katona effectively combining strikes and takedowns. His striking accuracy and ability to absorb punches, evident in the Gibson fight, played a key role. Katona's takedown accuracy and defense, though not stellar, are respectable, enabling him to control the pace and location of the fight.

However, his unanimous decision loss to Hunter Azure highlighted some vulnerabilities. Azure's pressure and striking seemed to stifle Katona's takedown attempts, pointing to potential issues against aggressive strikers. Katona's striking defense, particularly against significant strikes, appears to be a gap in his arsenal.

Katona's stats reflect a fighter who prefers to engage in prolonged battles rather than quick finishes. His low knockdown and submission rates per fight suggest a strategy focused more on scoring points through volume striking and control, rather than seeking a finish. This approach, combined with his solid but not outstanding striking and grappling stats, paints a picture of a fighter who excels in wearing down opponents over the course of a fight.

Garrett Armfield's Breakdown

Garrett Armfield enters the octagon with a record of 1 win and 1 loss in UFC. His victory by KO/TKO over Toshiomi Kazama demonstrated his powerful striking capabilities. Armfield's approach in this fight involved effective jabbing and combination work, similar to strikers like Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier. This ability to mix up his strikes and adjust tactics mid-fight suggests a high level of striking IQ.

However, his submission loss to David Onama revealed a potential vulnerability in his ground game. The technical submission via arm-triangle choke indicates that Armfield might struggle against skilled grapplers, especially in defensive scenarios. His takedown defense ratio, which is relatively low, supports this notion.

Armfield's striking statistics are impressive, particularly in head strikes landed per minute. This aggressive striking approach, coupled with a significant striking output differential, indicates a fighter who actively seeks to overwhelm opponents with volume and power. However, his striking defense percentages, both overall and significant, are areas of concern, especially against a fighter like Katona who can exploit these openings.

Analysis and Key Points

In this matchup, Katona's well-rounded skill set contrasts with Armfield's striking-focused approach. Katona's ability to blend striking with takedowns could be crucial, especially considering Armfield's weaker ground game. The key for Katona will be to avoid getting caught in Armfield's striking flurries, leveraging his own striking defense and looking for opportunities to take the fight to the ground.

Armfield, on the other hand, will need to keep the fight standing and exploit his striking advantage. His jab and combination work will be essential in breaking through Katona's defenses. However, he must be cautious of Katona's counter-striking and potential takedown attempts.


The prediction in favor of Brad Katona seems well-founded, given his more versatile skill set and ability to adapt his strategy mid-fight. While Armfield's striking power is a significant threat, Katona's experience and ability to blend striking with grappling should give him the edge in this bout. This fight will likely hinge on Katona's ability to withstand Armfield's striking onslaught and implement a more diverse game plan.

UFC Fight Analysis: Charles Jourdain vs Sean Woodson

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Sean Woodson to Win

Charles Jourdain's Breakdown

Charles Jourdain, with a record of 15-6, shows a mixed bag of outcomes but a consistent display of striking prowess. A dynamic athlete, Jourdain's style is a cocktail of kicks, punches, elbows, and knees, reminiscent of strikers like Max Holloway. He particularly excels in maintaining distance and unleashing his striking arsenal effectively. However, his Achilles' heel lies in his wrestling defense, making him vulnerable to takedowns.

His fight against Kron Gracie highlighted his ability to handle grappling threats, using sharp striking and movement to keep the match on his feet. Against Nathaniel Wood and Shane Burgos, despite losing by decision, Jourdain displayed a tenacity and willingness to engage in striking duels, showcasing his resilience even in challenging matchups.

The submission win against Lando Vannata demonstrates Jourdain's evolving ground game, an area previously seen as a gap. This adaptability and willingness to engage in various aspects of MMA make Jourdain a formidable opponent in the featherweight division.

Sean Woodson's Breakdown

Sean Woodson, holding a 10-1 record, is a striking specialist with a significant reach advantage. His style revolves around using his length to control the distance, combined with precise striking. He is adept at managing the pace of the fight and utilizing his jab and low kicks effectively. Woodson's recent unanimous decision win over Dennis Buzukja showcased his ability to maintain distance and effectively counter his opponent's aggression.

A weakness in Woodson's game, however, was exposed in his loss to Julian Erosa, where he was submitted in the third round. This indicates potential vulnerabilities in his ground game, particularly against submission-savvy fighters. Nonetheless, Woodson's striking accuracy and ability to control the range make him a challenging opponent for any featherweight.

Analysis and Key Points

The upcoming fight between Jourdain and Woodson is a classic striker vs. striker matchup, with each fighter bringing a distinct approach to striking. Jourdain's agility and dynamic striking will test Woodson's range control and defensive capabilities. Woodson's height and reach advantage could pose a significant challenge for Jourdain, especially if Woodson effectively uses his jab and leg kicks to keep Jourdain at bay.

One key factor will be Jourdain's ability to close the distance without getting caught by Woodson's counter strikes. If Jourdain can successfully navigate inside Woodson's range, he could leverage his powerful close-range strikes. Conversely, Woodson will aim to maintain distance and use his reach to control the fight's pace.


This fight is poised to be an intriguing clash of striking styles. Jourdain's aggressive, all-around striking meets Woodson's methodical, range-based approach. Given Woodson's recent performances and his ability to control the distance against aggressive strikers, WolfTicketsAI's prediction of Woodson winning seems well-founded. However, Jourdain's unpredictability and improvements in his ground game make this fight far from a foregone conclusion. Fans can expect a tactical yet explosive encounter between two skilled strikers in the featherweight division.

UFC Fight Analysis: Gillian Robertson vs Polyana Viana

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Gillian Robertson to Win

Gillian Robertson's Breakdown

Gillian Robertson, a formidable force in the Women's Strawweight division, carries a reputation for her grappling and submission skills. Her recent fights reveal a fighter who, while dominant on the ground, sometimes struggles in the stand-up exchanges. Against Tabatha Ricci, Robertson demonstrated resilience and adaptability, though she ultimately lost via unanimous decision. Her bout with Piera Rodriguez showed her strength in submissions, notably her armbar victory, highlighting her comfort on the ground. However, her striking game, particularly in defense, seems to be a vulnerable area, as seen in her fight against JJ Aldrich. Robertson's grappling remains her ace, as seen in her victory over Mariya Agapova. Her style is reminiscent of fighters like Mackenzie Dern, who leverage their jiu-jitsu expertise to control fights.

Polyana Viana's Breakdown

Polyana Viana, known for her aggressive submission tactics, brings a distinct flair to the Strawweight division. Her recent loss to Iasmin Lucindo exposed some of the risks inherent in her style. While Viana's willingness to engage in high-risk maneuvers often leads to spectacular victories, it can leave her exposed, as evidenced in her bout against Lucindo. Her win over Jinh Yu Frey, achieved through a remarkable KO, showcases her striking potential, balancing her grappling prowess. Against Tabatha Ricci, Viana displayed her ground game but ultimately lost by decision, indicating a need for strategic refinement. Viana's approach mirrors fighters like Charles Oliveira, who use a combination of striking and grappling to secure finishes.

Analysis and Key Points

The upcoming fight between Robertson and Viana is a classic grappler vs. grappler matchup, with both fighters excelling on the ground. Robertson’s ground control and transition game are likely to clash with Viana’s aggressive submission attempts. However, Robertson's superior grappling control may give her an edge in this matchup. Viana’s striking has improved, but Robertson’s experience and resilience, particularly against aggressive grapplers, might be the deciding factor. The key for Robertson will be to maintain control on the ground and avoid Viana’s high-risk submission attempts, while Viana needs to exploit any openings in Robertson's striking defense.


Gillian Robertson's experience and proven track record in grappling make her the favored winner against Polyana Viana. Robertson's ability to control the pace and position of the fight on the ground, combined with her resilience against aggressive submission artists, positions her well for victory. However, Viana's striking improvements and submission prowess make her a formidable opponent. The fight is likely to be a ground-centric battle, with Robertson's strategic grappling control giving her the edge.

UFC Fight Analysis: Yohan Lainesse vs Sam Patterson

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Yohan Lainesse to Win

Yohan Lainesse's Breakdown

Yohan Lainesse, with a career record of 9 wins and 2 losses, showcases a robust fighting profile. His recent UFC record, however, reveals a concerning trend: a recent loss by KO/TKO to Gabe Green and a submission defeat to Mike Malott. Lainesse's win against Darian Weeks via a split decision demonstrates resilience, but it also highlights potential vulnerabilities in his game. His statistical strengths lie in his striking game, especially with significant strikes landed per minute (2.2982) and a decent striking accuracy (0.4408). However, his recent struggles in head strikes absorbed per minute (1.8593) and a worrying takedown defense ratio (0.2500) indicate areas where he might be exploited. Lainesse’s performance against Malott showed a susceptibility to submission and a potential gap in grappling defense.

Sam Patterson's Breakdown

Sam Patterson, holding a 10-win, 2-loss record, enters this fight with a recent KO/TKO loss to Yanal Ashmouz. Patterson's stats, albeit limited, suggest a less dominant striking game with lower strikes landed per minute (1.6000) and significant striking accuracy (0.2857). His defense appears to be a significant weakness, particularly in head strikes absorbed per minute (11.2000), which is alarmingly high. This vulnerability was exposed in his recent loss, indicating a potential target for Lainesse’s striking prowess. Patterson's lack of recorded takedowns or submissions suggests a primary focus on stand-up fighting, which could play into Lainesse's hands, considering his striking ability.

Analysis and Key Points

The match-up between Lainesse and Patterson is poised to be a striking battle. Lainesse's superior striking output and accuracy could be the key in this fight. Patterson's recent KO loss and high rate of head strikes absorbed present a clear target for Lainesse's striking game. However, Lainesse's recent losses, particularly the KO/TKO by Green, reveal a vulnerability that Patterson could exploit with his striking, despite being statistically inferior in this aspect.

Patterson's lack of ground game record could be a disadvantage if Lainesse decides to mix up his approach with takedowns, although Lainesse's own takedown defense ratio doesn’t suggest a strong grappling game. Both fighters need to be wary of their defense, as both have recent losses due to strikes.


In conclusion, Yohan Lainesse's edge in striking, both in output and accuracy, coupled with Sam Patterson's defensive vulnerabilities, especially against head strikes, positions Lainesse as the probable victor in this Welterweight bout. The key for Lainesse will be to maintain pressure with his striking, exploiting Patterson's weakness in absorbing head strikes. Patterson, on the other hand, must shore up his defense and capitalize on any openings, considering Lainesse’s recent defeat by KO/TKO. This fight is likely to be a test of striking skills, with the potential for a decisive finish if either fighter can capitalize on the other's vulnerabilities.

UFC Fight Analysis: Malcolm Gordon vs Jimmy Flick

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Malcolm Gordon to Win

Malcolm Gordon's Breakdown

Malcolm Gordon, with odds at -213, shows a complex mix of strengths and vulnerabilities. His UFC record of 14 wins and 7 losses, coupled with his recent performances, paints a picture of a fighter who's versatile in the cage, blending striking with a solid grappling game. Key to Gordon's strategy is his ability to shift between fighting ranges and seize opportunities for ground finishes. However, his striking defense and cardio can be points of exploitation.

His loss to Jake Hadley by KO/TKO is a red flag, indicating potential weaknesses in striking defense. Yet, his win against Denys Bondar by KO/TKO and decision victory over Francisco Figueiredo demonstrate his resilience and adaptability. His ground game, influenced by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is his trump card, often leading to submission attempts, as seen against Bondar. Despite his technical proficiency on the ground, Gordon's recent performance trend, with losses in 2 out of the last 3 fights, suggests a possible decline or at least inconsistency in his fight game.

Jimmy Flick's Breakdown

Jimmy Flick, with odds at +175, presents a contrasting style. Holding 16 wins and 7 losses, Flick's recent UFC history has been rocky, marked by losses to Alessandro Costa and Charles Johnson by KO/TKO. These defeats highlight a significant vulnerability in striking, particularly against aggressive stand-up fighters. His win by submission against Cody Durden showcases his strength in grappling and submissions, which is a key aspect of his fighting style.

Flick's high rate of submissions per fight indicates his preference for ground battles, but his recent losses suggest a potential decline, especially in his stand-up game. His striking defense, as evident from the high rate of head strikes absorbed per minute, is a critical gap. Like Gordon, Flick's recent track record (2 losses in the last 3 fights) hints at possible challenges in maintaining consistency in the octagon.

Analysis and Key Points

The fight between Malcolm Gordon and Jimmy Flick is a classic striker vs. grappler scenario, with both fighters having their strengths on the ground but showing vulnerabilities in striking. Gordon's adaptability and ability to control the pace could be key, especially if he manages to exploit Flick's striking defense. Flick's best chance lies in taking the fight to the ground and leveraging his submission skills.

Gordon's recent losses by KO/TKO raise concerns about his chin and striking defense, which Flick could exploit if he's improved his striking game. Conversely, Flick's back-to-back TKO losses signal a need for caution in stand-up exchanges. Both fighters will need to be wary of their opponent's ground game, making the fight potentially a chess match of grappling and ground control.


The prediction for Malcolm Gordon to win hinges on his ability to withstand early striking exchanges and take control on the ground. His versatility and improved fight IQ could be the deciding factors. For Flick, the key to victory lies in capitalizing on Gordon's recent KO/TKO losses and exploiting his striking vulnerabilities. However, given both fighters' recent performances, this fight could swing either way, making it an intriguing and unpredictable flyweight clash.