Results: UFC 298: Volkanovski vs. Topuria

Fight Info:
Location: Anaheim, California, United States
Elevation: 48.00m
WTAI Model
Main Under Full
80.0% 100.0% 87.5%
Profit Model
Main Under Full
60.0% 66.67% 62.5%
Plain Model
Main Under Full
80.0% 66.67% 75.0%
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UFC Fight Analysis: Alexander Volkanovski vs Ilia Topuria

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Alexander Volkanovski to Win

Score: 5

Odds: * Alexander Volkanovski: -130 * Ilia Topuria: +110

Alexander Volkanovski's Breakdown

Volkanovski, heralded as possibly the greatest featherweight of all time and undefeated in the featherweight division before attempting to conquer lightweight, suffered a significant knockout loss to Islam Makhachev four months ago. This swift return to the Octagon raises concerns regarding Volkanovski's recovery and overall fight readiness. Despite this, Volkanovski's notable attributes, such as his adaptability, striking precision, and intelligent kickboxing, characterized by innovative techniques like the step-up inside low kick, remain pivotal to his success. His ability to manage distance, employ a varied kicking game, and adjust strategies mid-fight demonstrates a depth of skill that could neutralize Topuria's threats based on his success against high-caliber opponents like Max Holloway and Yair Rodriguez. Aging and recent performance concerns notwithstanding, Volkanovski's comprehensive game and mental resilience position him as a formidable opponent.

Ilia Topuria's Breakdown

Topuria's ascent in the featherweight division is marked by an undefeated UFC streak and a dynamic skill set. His knockout power and increasing striking sophistication, highlighted by elements like the V-step and shoulder roll suggest a fighter rapidly evolving. Topuria's engagement in diverse tactics, responsive adjustments in fights, and knockout resilience signify a dexterous fighter with a potent mix of power and technique. His performances against Ryan Hall and Jai Herbert underscore his adaptability and instinctual fight IQ. Yet, the concerns over his experience against elite-level competition and defensive opening against specialized tactics like head kicks remain considerations for this bout.

Analysis and Key Points

Addressing the matchup's dynamics, the pivotal factors include Volkanovski's kickboxing versatility against Topuria's power and adaptability. Volkanovski's precision in low and high kicks, combined with his ability to effectively manage distance, could exploit Topuria's noted vulnerabilities. Conversely, Topuria's evolving boxing and power could test Volkanovski's durability, particularly considering the latter's recent knockout loss. The bout promises strategic depth, with both fighters capable of adjusting their tactics mid-fight. Volkanovski's extensive top-level experience and nuanced understanding of distance management may counterbalance Topuria's raw power and adaptability.

Past Model Performance

WolfTicketsAI's historical accuracy in predicting the outcomes of both fighters' recent bouts adds a layer of confidence to this analysis. However, the unpredictability inherent in MMA, combined with Volkanovski's recent setbacks and Topuria's rapidly developing skill set, introduces a level of uncertainty.


This fight encapsulates a clash of experience against rising talent, with Volkanovski's seasoned skill set pitted against Topuria's burgeoning prowess. Although Topuria's undefeated streak and knockout capability present a significant challenge, Volkanovski's strategic adaptability, kicking proficiency, and higher levels of tested experience against top-tier opponents may well secure him the victory. The fight's outcome, while leaning towards Volkanovski, promises to highlight the evolving landscape of the featherweight division and the potential emergence or reaffirmation of a featherweight stalwart.

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UFC Fight Analysis: Robert Whittaker vs Paulo Costa

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Robert Whittaker to Win

Score: 17 Odds: * Robert Whittaker: -250 * Paulo Costa: +200

Robert Whittaker's Breakdown

Robert Whittaker, known for his quick and intricate striking combinations, often employs a 1-2-head kick sequence that showcases his agility and offensive creativity. This approach differs from fighters like Adesanya, who prefer straight shots as counters. Whittaker's style is proactive, creating openings and breaking defenses with rapid combinations. His victories over fighters like Gastelum and Cannonier demonstrate this ability to adapt and outmaneuver opponents with varied attacks.

Acknowledging his recent KO/TKO loss and contrasting it against his known agility and strategic striking suggests a vulnerability against powerful strikers like Costa. However, Whittaker's varied attack combinations and ability to adapt are notable. It is essential to consider his strategic approach towards maintaining distance and leveraging his speedy combinations against Costa's aggressive style, potentially exploiting openings created by Costa's pressure.

Paulo Costa's Breakdown

Costa's raw power and aggressive forward pressure are key aspects of his fighting style. Yet, insights from the transcript underline his relatively straightforward approach, which could pose risks against a fighter like Whittaker who excels at counter-striking and exploiting aggressive opponents. Costa's endurance and high-intensity fight approach remain his strengths, setting up a compelling contrast in strategies.

Costa's fight metrics indicate a high knockdown rate and significant striking accuracy, but a closer look reveals weaknesses in his striking defense. His style, reminiscent of fighters like Gaethje, is about relentless aggression, which could be a double-edged sword against a strategic fighter like Whittaker.

Analysis and Key Points

  • The dynamic between Whittaker's quick, varied striking and Costa's powerful aggression becomes even more pronounced with additional context.
  • Strategic positioning, movement, and the ability to control the Octagon's pace are crucial factors for Whittaker.
  • Costa's challenge involves mitigating counters while effectively closing distance to utilize his power striking and pressure.
  • Both fighters have shown vulnerabilities (Whittaker to powerful strikes, Costa to disciplined counter-strikers) that could be exploited.


Considering the detailed analysis this matchup presents a finely balanced contest of contrasting styles and strengths. Both fighters have paths to victory, underlined by strategic depth and adaptability. Whittaker's chances hinge on executing a disciplined, movement-heavy strategy that leverages his striking diversity without getting caught by Costa's power shots. Conversely, Costa needs to manage distance effectively, apply pressure intelligently, and capitalize on any openings with his signature power. While the prediction leans towards Whittaker due to his technical versatility and ability to dictate the fight's pace, Costa's sheer power and aggression make him a formidable threat at any moment. This matchup promises a tactical, compelling contest likely defined by critical strategic execution and momentary opportunities.

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UFC Fight Analysis: Geoff Neal vs. Ian Garry

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Ian Garry to Win

Score: 20 Odds: * Geoff Neal: +180 * Ian Garry: -220

Geoff Neal's Breakdown

Geoff Neal's striking prowess and knockout power have been significant factors in his UFC tenure. Despite the threat he poses on the feet, his previous bouts have hinted at potential vulnerabilities in grappling and endurance, particularly in the later rounds. Neal's stand-out performance against Vicente Luque, where he won via KO/TKO, highlights his precision and power. However, his losses, particularly the recent submission defeat to Shavkat Rakhmonov, expose some gaps in his grappling defense and cardio in later rounds. Neal's approach, while powerful, might struggle against opponents with robust defensive strategies and endurance.

Ian Garry's Breakdown

Ian Garry shows promise with his undefeated streak, versatility in striking, and defensive maneuvers. His adaptability in the Octagon, coupled with an effective striking game that includes leg kicks and head strikes, sets him apart. The observation that Garry maintains strategic awareness and adjusts his game plan per opponent's weaknesses suggests a higher fight IQ, which could be crucial in dismantling Neal's offensive arsenal. Garry's past performances underscore his capability to engage and succeed against well-rounded opponents, enhancing his potential in this matchup.

Analysis and Key Points

  • Neal's power striking vs. Garry's versatility and adaptability.
  • Neal's potential grappling and endurance vulnerabilities.
  • Garry's undefeated streak contributing to a psychological edge.
  • The necessity for Neal to innovate and potentially incorporate more diverse tactics, including low kicks and grappling, as opposed to relying solely on his striking.

Past Model Performance

The model has shown mixed results with Neal but consistent accuracy with Garry, suggesting a better understanding of Garry's fighting style and capabilities. This matchup's prediction leans towards Garry, considering both Neal's observed vulnerabilities and Garry's adaptability and defensive prowess.


Ian Garry's multitude of tools, combined with his strategic adaptability, positions him favorably against Geoff Neal. While Neal's knockout power is not to be underestimated, his noted predictability and the highlighted potential for endurance issues in later rounds could be his downfall. Garry's ability to adjust and strategically target Neal's weaknesses, as observed in past performances and outlined in detailed fighter analysis, further solidifies the prediction in his favor. Enhancing Neal's strategy to include a more diverse set of tactics, considering the defensive and endurance vulnerabilities mentioned, could make the bout more competitive. However, based on the current analysis, Garry holds a significant advantage.

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UFC Fight Analysis: Merab Dvalishvili vs Henry Cejudo

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Merab Dvalishvili to Win

Score: 17 Odds: * Merab Dvalishvili: -225 * Henry Cejudo: +185

Merab Dvalishvili's Breakdown

Merab Dvalishvili's recent performances underscore his evolution as a fighter adept at mixing relentless wrestling with effective striking to disrupt his opponents' rhythm. Significant victories over top contenders like Petr Yan and Jose Aldo, through a strategy reminiscent of Khabib Nurmagomedo; vusing persistent takedown attempts and mixing in strikes to maintain pressure. This strategy demonstrates his capacity to pressure opponents consistently.

Dvalishvili's win over Marlon Moraes by TKO showcased his resilience and striking power. His consistent performance in the UFC, with a record of 16 wins and 4 losses, marks him as a significant threat in the bantamweight division. His takedown accuracy and volume, combined with striking improvements, make him a formidable opponent. WolfTicketsAI has correctly predicted his victories in previous matches, indicating a reliable pattern in Dvalishvili's fighting style and performance.

Henry Cejudo's Breakdown

Henry Cejudo, a former UFC Bantamweight Champion, returning from retirement, boasts a skill set that spans striking and Olympic-level wrestling. His tactical prowess and knockout capabilities were evident in past wins against Dominick Cruz and Marlon Moraes. Cejudo's arena of versatility, however, has been tested against fighters like Aljamain Sterling, where vulnerabilities against strong wrestlers were exposed.

Cejudo's style contrasts with Dvalishvili's; he blends striking with wrestling, using his Olympic-level wrestling background effectively. However, his recent performances, including the loss to Sterling, indicate potential vulnerabilities against fighters with strong wrestling and cardio, like Dvalishvili. WolfTicketsAI's prediction accuracy for Cejudo has been mixed, with a recent incorrect prediction against Sterling, suggesting a potential risk in betting on Cejudo.

Analysis and Key Points

Dvalishvili possesses an attribute mix that could counter Cejudo's strategies, primarily through high-volume takedown attempts and pressure fighting that might neutralize Cejudo's striking advantage. Conversely, Cejudo's striking precision and wrestling background pose a credible threat to Dvalishvili's approach, suggesting a potentially competitive and close contest.

Past Model Performance

The predictive model demonstrates a historical accuracy in forecasting Dvalishvili's victories, enhancing confidence in this prediction. However, the model's mixed success rate with Cejudo's outcomes introduces a layer of unpredictability, urging caution.


This confrontation showcases a stylistic clash between Dvalishvili's pressure and Cejudo's striking and tactical acument. Given the analytical considerations and current form, Dvalishvili is predicted to have a slight edge, predominantly due to his relentless pace and adaptability. Nevertheless, Cejudo's seasoned technique and versatility warrant recognition, capable of swaying the bout in unforeseen ways.

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UFC Fight Analysis: Anthony Hernandez vs Roman Kopylov

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Anthony Hernandez to Win

Score: 11 Odds: * Anthony Hernandez: -250 * Roman Kopylov: +200

Anthony Hernandez's Breakdown

Hernandez's recent UFC history is impressive, highlighted by a string of victories against notable opponents like Edmen Shahbazyan, Marc-Andre Barriault, and Rodolfo Vieira. His strength lies in his grappling and submission skills, as evident in his victories over Shahbazyan and Vieira. However, his loss to Kevin Holland by KO/TKO raises questions about his striking defense, particularly against powerful strikers.

WolfTicketsAI's past predictions for Hernandez have been accurate, indicating a reliable model performance for his fights. His significant striking accuracy (0.6187) and takedown accuracy (0.5714) are commendable. His victory against Vieira, a BJJ specialist, by submission, was particularly noteworthy, showcasing his versatility.

Roman Kopylov's Breakdown

Kopylov, on the other hand, is a striking specialist with a background in boxing and kickboxing. His recent wins, especially against Josh Fremd and Claudio Ribeiro, demonstrate his striking prowess and ability to control the pace and range of a fight. However, his loss to Albert Duraev by unanimous decision and his relatively weaker takedown defense (0.0870) could be problematic against a grappler like Hernandez.

WolfTicketsAI has a mixed track record in predicting Kopylov's fights, suggesting some uncertainty in forecasting his performance. His striking defense (0.5628) and significant striking defense (0.6060) are solid, but his ground game might be his Achilles heel.

Analysis and Key Points

The upcoming fight presents a classic striker vs. grappler matchup. Hernandez's well-rounded skills in both grappling and striking give him an edge. He has demonstrated the ability to adapt his style against different opponents, showcasing resilience and tactical acumen. His recent performances suggest he's in his prime, with an impressive ability to mix takedowns and submissions with striking.

Hernandez's grappling and submission game could be tailored to exploit Kopylov's relatively weaker takedown defense, drawing parallels to fighters who have successfully adapted to their opponents' weaknesses

Kopylov's striking is formidable, but his takedown defense might be his downfall. His striking accuracy and ability to land significant strikes are key, but Hernandez's pressure and grappling could neutralize these strengths.

Past Model Performance

WolfTicketsAI has been accurate in predicting Hernandez's fights, showing a keen understanding of his fighting style and adaptability. However, the model's predictions for Kopylov have been less consistent, which could indicate a higher level of uncertainty for his performance, especially against a versatile opponent like Hernandez.


Anthony Hernandez, with his superior grappling and recent track record, is likely to control the pace of the fight and could capitalize on Kopylov's weaker ground game. Hernandez's ability to blend striking with effective grappling gives him the edge in this matchup. Kopylov's striking prowess is a threat, but his takedown defense may not hold up against Hernandez's grappling. Thus, the prediction for Hernandez to win seems well-founded, considering his recent performance and the model's accuracy in predicting his fights.

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UFC Fight Analysis: Amanda Lemos vs Mackenzie Dern

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Amanda Lemos to Win

Score: 3 Odds: Amanda Lemos: -130 Mackenzie Dern: 110

Amanda Lemos's Breakdown

Lemos, the Brazilian powerhouse, boasts a striking game that's both versatile and devastating. With a record reflecting her prowess, she's been a force in the strawweight division. Notably, her recent KO/TKO victory over Marina Rodriguez underscores her striking caliber. Lemos exhibits a calculated aggression, often overwhelming opponents with her powerful punches and kicks.

A crucial factor in this matchup is Lemos's ability to handle pressure. Against fighters like Zhang Weili and Jessica Andrade, she faced challenges, particularly when taken down or pressured heavily. This vulnerability could be a point of exploitation for Dern.

However, Lemos has shown growth and adaptability, evident in her fight against Michelle Waterson-Gomez, where she showcased improved takedown defense and a lethal ground game, securing a win by submission.

WolfTicketsAI's track record with Lemos stands at 3 correct out of 5 predictions, indicating a reasonably reliable understanding of her fighting style and capabilities.

Mackenzie Dern's Breakdown

Dern, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, has made a name for herself with her exceptional ground game. Her recent unanimous decision win over Angela Hill demonstrated not just her grappling acumen but also marked improvements in her striking, a vital evolution for her MMA career.

Dern's primary challenge has been in her striking defense and the ability to effectively close distance against stand-up fighters, as seen in her losses to Yan Xiaonan and Marina Rodriguez. Her tendency to absorb strikes could be a significant disadvantage against a striker like Lemos.

WolfTicketsAI's accuracy with Dern is impressive, with 3 out of 4 predictions being correct. This suggests a solid understanding of her fighting style and tendencies.

Previous Fight Breakdown

These fighters haven't faced each other before, setting the stage for an intriguing first encounter.

Analysis and Key Points

This fight presents a classic striker vs. grappler matchup. Lemos brings formidable striking power and improved ground defense, while Dern offers world-class grappling and a developing striking game. The key to victory for Lemos lies in maintaining distance and utilizing her striking arsenal. For Dern, the path to victory involves closing the distance and bringing the fight to the ground.

Past Model Performance

WolfTicketsAI has shown commendable accuracy in predicting the outcomes of both fighters' matches, suggesting a reliable analysis for this upcoming bout.


Considering the fighters' strengths and vulnerabilities, along with the model's past performance, Amanda Lemos is predicted to win. Her striking prowess, coupled with her evolving defensive skills, positions her favorably against Dern's grappling-centric approach. This fight is likely to be a testament to Lemos's striking ability and her capacity to neutralize Dern's ground game.

SHAP Chart

UFC Fight Analysis: Andrea Lee vs Miranda Maverick

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Miranda Maverick to Win

Score: 13 Odds: Andrea Lee: +159 Miranda Maverick: -185

Andrea Lee's Breakdown

Andrea Lee's UFC journey has been a rollercoaster, marked by a mix of triumphs and setbacks. Her Muay Thai background and BJJ skills make her a formidable opponent. However, her recent UFC record reveals some vulnerabilities, especially in decision-making and defense.

Past Performance Analysis: - Lee's loss against Natalia Silva showcased her striking prowess but also highlighted her difficulties in adapting to Silva's style. Her defensive head movement and footwork, though improved, were still found lacking. - The split decision loss to Maycee Barber was a close call. Lee's striking and grappling were on display, but her inability to decisively dominate the exchanges cost her. - Her KO/TKO win over Cynthia Calvillo stands out, demonstrating her striking power and improved fight IQ. - However, a trend of losses, especially in recent fights, signals a potential decline.

Model's Past Predictions: - WolfTicketsAI has been mixed in its predictions for Lee, correctly predicting her loss against Silva, but missing the mark on the Barber fight.

Current Stats: - Lee's significant striking and grappling stats are commendable but her striking defense could be a concern against a well-rounded fighter like Maverick.

Miranda Maverick's Breakdown

Miranda Maverick has proven to be a rising talent in the Women's Flyweight division. Her grappling background, complemented by a steadily improving striking game, makes her a tough matchup for anyone in the division.

Past Performance Analysis: - Maverick’s recent win against Priscila Cachoeira displayed her grappling dominance and evolving striking skills. - Her loss to Jasmine Jasudavicius, however, revealed issues with maintaining control against a persistent striker. - Maverick's unanimous decision win over Shanna Young showcased her well-rounded skill set.

Model's Past Predictions: - WolfTicketsAI has shown a better track record predicting Maverick's fights, accurately forecasting her victories against Young and Mazo, though it missed her loss against Jasudavicius.

Current Stats: - Maverick's striking and grappling stats are impressive, particularly her ability to take the fight to the ground and control opponents.

Analysis and Key Points

  1. Striking vs. Grappling: Lee's striking ability is up against Maverick's grappling prowess. The clash of styles will be pivotal in determining the outcome.
  2. Adaptability: Both fighters have shown the ability to adapt, but Maverick seems to have a slight edge in this aspect, especially in her ability to mix striking with grappling.
  3. Defensive Gaps: Lee's defensive issues, particularly in her head movement and footwork, could be exploited by Maverick's improving striking game.
  4. Pressure and Pace: Maverick's conditioning and ability to maintain pressure could wear Lee down, especially in the later rounds.

Past Model Performance

WolfTicketsAI has shown an overall competent performance in predicting past fights of both fighters, with a notable accuracy in Maverick's matchups. However, its mixed results in predicting Lee's fights add a layer of uncertainty to this prediction.


Miranda Maverick is favored to win against Andrea Lee, largely due to her superior grappling skills, physical strength, and evolving striking game. While Lee's striking is formidable, Maverick's ability to blend her grappling with improved striking poses a significant challenge. The key will be Maverick's ability to take the fight to the ground and control Lee, offsetting Lee's striking advantage. Considering Lee's recent performance trends and Maverick's well-rounded skill set, the prediction leans towards a Maverick victory, likely through a combination of ground control and cumulative striking damage.

SHAP Chart

UFC Fight Analysis: Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs Junior Tafa

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Marcos Rogerio de Lima to Win

Score: 18 Odds: Marcos Rogerio de Lima: -275 Junior Tafa: +200

Marcos Rogerio de Lima's Breakdown

Marcos Rogerio de Lima's history in the UFC showcases his strong kickboxing background, evident in his preference for striking with powerful low kicks and punches. His vulnerability to dynamic, heavy hitters was exposed in his recent KO/TKO loss to Derrick Lewis. However, his victories, like the one against Waldo Cortes-Acosta, demonstrate his ability to adapt and utilize a variety of techniques, including takedowns and ground control. His win over Andrei Arlovski by submission further illustrates his potential to surprise opponents with a diverse skill set.

De Lima's stats show a high knockdown rate and a reasonable takedown defense ratio, but his striking defense percentage is lower, indicating possible risks in stand-up exchanges. WolfTicketsAI's mixed prediction record for de Lima suggests unpredictability in his performances.

Junior Tafa's Breakdown

Junior Tafa, relatively new to the UFC with just six fights, demonstrates knockout power but lacks extensive experience. His KO victory over Parker Porter shows his striking ability, but his unanimous decision loss to Mohammed Usman highlights potential weaknesses in longer, more technical fights.

Tafa was initially preparing to fight Karl Williams on March 23, 2024, which likely influenced his training focus and game plan. Stepping in on short notice to replace his brother Justin Tafa against de Lima presents a significant shift in preparation. This sudden change could impact his performance, as he might not be fully prepared for de Lima's fighting style and strategies.

Tafa's stats indicate prowess in knockdowns but a lack of diversity in takedowns and submissions. His striking accuracy is decent, but his defensive statistics suggest vulnerabilities. With limited data on Tafa, WolfTicketsAI's predictions carry a degree of uncertainty, though it correctly predicted his win over Parker Porter.

Analysis and Key Points

  • De Lima's experience and versatility in striking and occasional ground game are advantageous.
  • Tafa's power is significant, but his limited experience and abrupt change in opponent might challenge his adaptability.
  • De Lima's resilience against powerful strikers like Derrick Lewis is questionable.
  • Tafa's focused preparation for Karl Williams and last-minute switch to face de Lima could affect his strategy and readiness.

Past Model Performance

  • WolfTicketsAI has a mixed track record with de Lima, correctly predicting one out of three major fights.
  • The model's accuracy with Tafa is based on a single correct prediction, indicating limited data for reliable forecasting.


Marcos Rogerio de Lima's diverse skill set and experience likely give him an edge over Junior Tafa, who faces the challenge of adapting his game plan on short notice. While Tafa's knockout power is formidable, de Lima's adaptability and broader range of techniques might prove decisive. The prediction favors de Lima, but the last-minute opponent change for Tafa adds a layer of unpredictability to the fight.