Results: UFC Fight Night: Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2

Fight Info:
Location: Paradise, Nevada, United States
Elevation: 627.00m
WTAI Model
Main Under Full
50.0% 100.0% 71.43%
Profit Model
Main Under Full
50.0% 100.0% 71.43%
Plain Model
Main Under Full
25.0% 100.0% 57.14%
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Fight Analysis

Alexa Grasso vs Valentina Shevchenko: Mexican Warrior vs The Bullet

Fighter Records and History

  • Alexa Grasso (8-3-0): The Mexican fighter shockingly became the UFC women's flyweight champion in her last fight. She submitted Valentina Shevchenko via face crank to claim the title.
  • Valentina Shevchenko (12-3-0): The former long-time flyweight champion looks to regain her title in the rematch. She suffered her first submission loss and defeat at flyweight against Grasso last time out.


| Fighter | WolfTicketsAI Score | Current Odds | |-|-|-| | Alexa Grasso | 15 | +138 | | Valentina Shevchenko | | -165 |


Alexa Grasso: - 33.1 Recent Striking Impact Differential - 8.7 Recent Strikes Landed per Minute
- 5.5 Recent Significant Strikes Landed per Minute - 0.67 Recent Takedown Defense

Valentina Shevchenko: - 39.1 Recent Striking Impact Differential - 7.2 Recent Strikes Landed per Minute - 3.6 Recent Significant Strikes Landed per Minute
- 0.70 Recent Takedown Accuracy

Key Insights

  • Grasso scored a big upset submission win over Shevchenko in their last fight
  • Shevchenko had been dominant as champion before the loss
  • Grasso has better recent striking metrics like impact differential
  • Shevchenko has a better takedown accuracy which could be key
  • The betting odds favor Shevchenko to regain her title


Alexa Grasso is the fighter to bet on for this rematch. Our predictive model forecasts her to once again defeat Valentina Shevchenko. Grasso has superior striking metrics like impact differential and strikes landed per minute. She also already owns a submission victory over Shevchenko in their last fight. While Shevchenko is the more experienced fighter, the data indicates Grasso's stand-up skills and developing ground game give her an edge to win this bout. Her previous upset of Shevchenko shows she has the ability to overcome the odds. For these reasons, Grasso is the recommended bet based on the information provided.