Results: UFC Fight Night: Ankalaev vs. Walker 2

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Location: Enterprise, Nevada, United States
Elevation: 778.00m
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UFC Fight Analysis: Magomed Ankalaev vs Johnny Walker

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Magomed Ankalaev to Win

Magomed Ankalaev's Breakdown

Ankalaev's fighting style is a blend of technical striking and solid wrestling, making him a formidable force in the light heavyweight division. His counterpunching ability, combined with a robust wrestling base, allows him to control the pace and location of the fight. Ankalaev's performance against fighters like Anthony Smith and Thiago Santos has shown his capability to manage distance effectively with strikes and utilize his grappling to dominate on the ground.

However, his struggles against low kicks, as seen in his fight with Johnny Walker, indicate a potential vulnerability. Ankalaev's methodical approach might be tested against fighters who can maintain a high pace and exploit his low kick defense.

Johnny Walker's Breakdown

Walker is known for his dynamic, unorthodox striking style, employing a mix of flashy techniques and powerful strikes. His height and reach give him an advantage, allowing him to land strikes from a distance. His fight with Anthony Smith showed a more disciplined approach, utilizing effective jabs and calf kicks.

However, Walker's aggressive style can leave him open to counterattacks, as seen in his fight against Jamahal Hill. His defense, particularly under pressure, is an area of concern. Walker's style balances between chaos and technique, and his performance can fluctuate depending on his opponent's ability to exploit his weaknesses.

Previous Fight Breakdown

Ankalaev and Walker have fought before, with the match ending in a no-contest due to an illegal knee from Ankalaev. This previous encounter showed Ankalaev's ability to control the fight but also highlighted his vulnerability to fouls in high-pressure situations.

Analysis and Key Points

Ankalaev's technical striking and wrestling will be key against Walker's dynamic and aggressive style. Walker's improved discipline in striking will test Ankalaev's defense, particularly against low kicks. The fight could hinge on Ankalaev's ability to manage the distance and use his grappling to control Walker.

Walker's tendency to overcommit and his defensive gaps, especially under pressure, could be exploited by Ankalaev's counter-striking and wrestling. The fight could be determined by Ankalaev's ability to withstand Walker's early onslaught and implement his game plan.


Magomed Ankalaev is favored to win due to his more consistent and technical fighting style, coupled with his wrestling ability. Johnny Walker's unorthodox striking and recent improvements pose a threat, but his defensive vulnerabilities might be exploited by Ankalaev's methodical approach. The fight will likely be a tactical battle, with Ankalaev's control and technical prowess giving him the edge.

UFC Fight Analysis: Jim Miller vs Gabriel Benitez

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Jim Miller to Win

Jim Miller's Breakdown

Jim Miller, a seasoned warrior in the Lightweight division, showcases a blend of gritty grappling and calculated striking. A southpaw, Miller's left straight and inside leg kicks are key to managing distance and setting up his potent ground game. His recent KO of Jesse Butler and submission win over Donald Cerrone underline his versatility and threat at any range. Despite a recent decision loss to Alexander Hernandez, Miller's experience and adaptability remain his greatest assets. His submission prowess, comparable to Demian Maia and Charles Oliveira, makes him a constant threat on the ground.

However, Miller's recent fights reveal vulnerabilities, particularly against younger, faster strikers. His resilience is unquestionable, but his pace can be outmatched by more explosive athletes. The key for Miller is to exploit opportunities for grappling exchanges, where his experience and submission threat can dominate.

Gabriel Benitez's Breakdown

Gabriel Benitez, known for his striking prowess, particularly excels in body shots and leg kicks. His ability to mix up attacks and move fluidly poses a threat to any opponent. However, Benitez's recent track record, including a KO loss to David Onama, raises concerns about his durability under pressure. He struggles to adapt mid-fight, as seen in his loss to Billy Quarantillo where he couldn't recover from an early onslaught.

Benitez needs to maintain composure and adaptability, especially against an experienced grappler like Miller. His striking is effective, but he must avoid being taken down, where Miller's jiu-jitsu could spell trouble. Benitez's recent performances indicate a potential vulnerability in high-pressure situations, an aspect Miller could exploit.

Analysis and Key Points

The fight hinges on Miller's ability to close distance and initiate grappling exchanges versus Benitez's effectiveness in keeping the fight standing and utilizing his striking. Miller's experience in high-level grappling could be the deciding factor, especially if he manages to bring the fight to the ground. Benitez's striking, particularly to the body, can be a key weapon, but he must avoid Miller's takedown attempts. The fight's outcome could very well depend on Miller's ability to withstand Benitez's striking and implement his grappling game.


Miller's seasoned grappling and submission skills, combined with his improved striking, make him a formidable opponent for Benitez. While Benitez's striking is dangerous, Miller's experience and adaptability, especially on the ground, are likely to give him the edge in this matchup. The prediction leans towards Miller leveraging his ground game to neutralize Benitez's striking and secure a victory, possibly by submission.

UFC Fight Analysis: Ricky Simon vs Mario Bautista

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Ricky Simon to Win

Ricky Simon's Breakdown

Ricky Simon comes into this clash as a well-rounded bantamweight with a record marked by an impressive blend of striking and grappling. His recent loss to Song Yadong showed vulnerability, especially against heavy strikers. However, his wins against names like Jack Shore and Raphael Assuncao reflect his growth in striking defense and wrestling. Simon's ability to mix punches with level changes, akin to Kamaru Usman's style, adds unpredictability to his arsenal. His improved head movement, relentless pace, and cardio are his strengths. His wrestling base, complemented by improved striking, makes him a formidable opponent, but he must be cautious of his aggressive forward pressure, which can leave him exposed to counter strikes.

Mario Bautista's Breakdown

Mario Bautista enters with a record that showcases his versatility in MMA. His ability to blend striking with grappling, as seen in his fights against Guido Cannetti and Brian Kelleher, makes him a threat both on the feet and on the ground. Bautista's strength lies in his adaptability, demonstrated by his evolving striking game and solid ground control. He shares similarities with fighters like Demian Maia in his effective grappling strategies. However, his loss to Trevin Jones by TKO raises concerns about his durability against powerful strikers, a factor that could play a significant role in this fight.

Analysis and Key Points

The upcoming battle between Ricky Simon and Mario Bautista is set to be a clash of evolving styles. Simon's recent development in striking, combined with his wrestling pedigree, positions him well against Bautista's versatile skill set. Both fighters have shown improvements over their UFC careers, but Simon's pressure-fighting style and experience against top-tier opponents give him a slight edge. Bautista’s recent unanimous decision win over Da'Mon Blackshear and his undefeated streak in recent fights demonstrate his rising momentum. However, Simon's ability to blend striking with wrestling could be the key to controlling the pace and location of the fight.


Considering the fighters' styles and recent performances, WolfTicketsAI’s prediction favoring Ricky Simon seems justified. Simon's blend of improved striking and robust wrestling is likely to challenge Bautista's versatile approach. The key for Simon will be to use his pressure and pace to control the fight while being mindful of Bautista's striking and submission threats. For Bautista, managing Simon's pressure and finding openings for his own striking and grappling will be crucial. The fight promises to be a showcase of tactical evolution and adaptation, with Simon's pressure and wrestling possibly steering him to victory.

UFC Fight Analysis: Phil Hawes vs Brunno Ferreira

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Phil Hawes to Win

Phil Hawes's Breakdown

Phil Hawes, known as "No Hype", has had a mixed bag of results in his recent UFC outings, with a UFC record of 12 wins and 5 losses. His latest performance against Ikram Aliskerov resulted in a loss by KO, demonstrating a vulnerability in his chin. Despite his explosive power and athleticism, Hawes has shown susceptibility to being knocked out, a factor that can't be overlooked. However, he's not just a one-dimensional fighter. His fight against Deron Winn showcased his ability to blend wrestling with striking, using his superior reach and diverse striking to maintain distance and control the bout.

Hawes's strengths lie in his wrestling skills and striking power, but he needs to be wary of his defensive lapses. His recent losses by KO suggest that he may be entering the Octagon with a somewhat diminished ability to absorb punishment. However, Hawes's victories, such as against Kyle Daukaus and Nassourdine Imavov, show his ability to strategically dominate fights, using his wrestling to dictate the pace and employing a mix of strikes to keep opponents at bay. Hawes's stats further underline his proficiency in striking and takedowns, indicating a well-rounded skill set essential for taking on the aggressive style of Brunno Ferreira.

Brunno Ferreira's Breakdown

Brunno "Robocop" Ferreira, with a UFC record of 10 wins and 1 loss, is known for his aggressive striking and power. His recent loss to Nursulton Ruziboev via KO showcased both his strength and weakness: while his powerful strikes are a significant threat, his aggressive style can leave him open to counters. This vulnerability was evident when he threw a low kick without proper setup, which was exploited by Ruziboev.

Ferreira's unorthodox switch-hitting style, as seen in his fight against Gregory Rodrigues, makes him unpredictable and dangerous. However, his striking accuracy and defense stats indicate a need for more discipline and strategic guard. His aggressive approach can be effective, but he must be careful not to overcommit and leave himself open to counters, especially against a fighter like Hawes who can exploit such openings with his wrestling and striking skills.

Analysis and Key Points

This matchup presents an intriguing contrast of styles: Hawes's wrestling and striking versatility versus Ferreira's aggressive, unorthodox striking. Hawes's recent losses due to KOs are concerning, especially against a heavy hitter like Ferreira. However, Hawes's ability to blend wrestling with striking could be key to controlling the aggressive Ferreira, who tends to leave openings when pressing forward.

Ferreira's aggressive style can be his biggest asset and his most significant liability. To secure a win, he'll need to temper his aggression with strategic planning, especially against a well-rounded fighter like Hawes.


Considering their fighting styles and recent performances, Hawes seems well-equipped to counter Ferreira's aggression with his wrestling and striking versatility. While Hawes needs to be wary of Ferreira's power, his ability to control the pace and distance of the fight, coupled with his striking and wrestling, gives him the edge. Ferreira's aggressive style and power make him a constant threat, but his tendency to overcommit could be his downfall in this matchup. Therefore, WolfTicketsAI's prediction of Phil Hawes as the winner seems well-founded, with his well-rounded skills likely to prevail over Ferreira's powerful but sometimes reckless striking approach.

UFC Fight Analysis: Andrei Arlovski vs Waldo Cortes-Acosta

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Waldo Cortes-Acosta to Win

Andrei Arlovski's Breakdown

Andrei Arlovski, a seasoned veteran in the heavyweight division, has shown resilience and adaptability throughout his career. With a background in kickboxing, he employs a strategic approach, often opting for decision victories. His recent KO/TKO loss to Don'Tale Mayes and a submission defeat to Marcos Rogerio de Lima signal potential vulnerabilities, especially considering his age and the wear from a long fighting career. Against Jake Collier and Jared Vanderaa, Arlovski demonstrated his ability to leverage his boxing and kickboxing skills, successfully managing range and utilizing a solid jab and combinations. However, his tendency to rely on judges' scorecards and a diminished knockout power pose concerns against younger, more aggressive opponents.

Waldo Cortes-Acosta's Breakdown

Waldo Cortes-Acosta, a rising contender in the heavyweight division, displays significant striking prowess. His recent KO/TKO victory over Lukasz Brzeski showcases his power and ability to finish fights. However, his unanimous decision loss to Marcos Rogerio de Lima reveals some gaps in his game, particularly his vulnerability to leg kicks and grappling. Against Chase Sherman, Cortes-Acosta demonstrated endurance and a high striking output, indicating his capacity to handle longer fights. His striking accuracy and volume, coupled with a solid takedown defense, make him a formidable opponent.

Analysis and Key Points

Arlovski's experience and technical striking contrast with Cortes-Acosta's power and aggression. Arlovski's ability to manage distance and pace could challenge Cortes-Acosta, who relies more on striking volume and power. However, Cortes-Acosta's youth and recent performance suggest he can withstand a prolonged bout and still deliver powerful strikes. Arlovski's recent losses by KO/TKO and submission raise concerns about his durability against a heavy hitter like Cortes-Acosta.


Waldo Cortes-Acosta's striking power, volume, and relative youth give him an edge over Andrei Arlovski. While Arlovski's experience and technical acumen are noteworthy, his recent performances indicate a potential decline, particularly in his ability to withstand heavy strikes. Cortes-Acosta's recent victory by KO/TKO and his overall aggressive style are likely to challenge Arlovski's defense and endurance, leading to a predicted win for Cortes-Acosta.

UFC Fight Analysis: Matthew Semelsberger vs Preston Parsons

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Matthew Semelsberger to Win

Matthew Semelsberger's Breakdown

Matthew Semelsberger, known for his explosive power and agility honed from his football background, brings a strikingly dynamic approach to the Octagon. He's got a KO power that sends opponents reeling, but his reliance on heavy shots could be a double-edged sword against a skilled counter-striker.

His UFC tenure reveals an evolving fighter, showing adaptability and a willingness to incorporate advice mid-fight. His match against Uros Medic highlights his effective blend of boxing and low kicks, reminiscent of Justin Gaethje’s style. However, in his split decision loss to Jeremiah Wells, his vulnerability to ground attacks was exposed, despite a commendable defense and ability to land significant strikes.

Against Jake Matthews, Semelsberger demonstrated his striking efficiency and resilience, overcoming Matthews' attacks with precise counter-strikes. His loss to Alex Morono, however, highlighted a potential issue with sustained pressure and damage absorption, as Morono’s consistent right hands significantly troubled him.

Semelsberger's KO victory over Martin Sano showcased his one-punch knockout power, a crucial asset in his arsenal. However, his unanimous decision loss to Khaos Williams pointed out his difficulty in handling high-pressure fighters with significant striking volume.

Preston Parsons's Breakdown

Preston Parsons steps into this fight with a reputation for toughness and resilience. His ability to absorb strikes and still deliver damaging blows hints at a brawler's approach, potentially creating explosive exchanges in the fight.

Against Trevin Giles, Parsons exhibited this grit, though the lack of detail in the fight transcript limits a deeper analysis of his strategic approach. His unanimous decision victory over Evan Elder displayed his grappling prowess and control, essential skills against a striker like Semelsberger.

However, his KO/TKO loss to Daniel Rodriguez raises concerns about his ability to withstand sustained heavy striking, a vulnerability Semelsberger might exploit. Parsons' resilience will be crucial, but his striking defense will be under serious scrutiny.

Analysis and Key Points

Semelsberger's striking power and Parsons' toughness set the stage for a classic striker vs. brawler matchup. Semelsberger's agility and knockout power make him a formidable opponent, but his susceptibility to ground attacks and sustained pressure could be exploited by Parsons.

Parsons, on the other hand, must brace for Semelsberger's powerful strikes and find a way to close the distance, leveraging his grappling skills to neutralize Semelsberger's striking advantage. His ability to absorb punishment and continue fighting could be key, but he must be wary of Semelsberger's one-punch knockout potential.


In this welterweight showdown, Matthew Semelsberger's striking prowess and knockout capability give him the edge over Preston Parsons. However, Parsons' toughness and potential grappling advantage could turn the tide if he manages to withstand Semelsberger's initial onslaught and implement a ground-based strategy. This fight promises to be an exciting clash of styles, with Semelsberger's power against Parsons' resilience and grit.

UFC Fight Analysis: Marcus McGhee vs Gaston Bolanos

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Marcus McGhee to Win

Marcus McGhee's Breakdown

McGhee brings a formidable record of 8 wins and 1 loss, with a striking style that's been likened to a blender in a whirlwind – fast, precise, and deadly. The fight against JP Buys spotlighted his dynamic striking and adaptability, crucial in a division as unpredictable as Bantamweight. His knockout of Buys was textbook precision striking, reminiscent of Dustin Poirier's counter-punching brilliance. Against Journey Newson, McGhee showcased not just his striking but also his ground game, submitting Newson with a rear-naked choke. McGhee's stats paint the picture of a striker who doesn't shy away from a brawl but also possesses the tactical nous to switch to grappling when needed. His high knockdowns per fight ratio and significant strikes landed per minute are testaments to his finishing ability.

Gaston Bolanos's Breakdown

Bolanos, holding a record of 7 wins and 3 losses, is a scrappy fighter with a heart as big as the octagon. His unanimous decision win over Aaron Phillips was a display of resilience and strategic striking. The match showed Bolanos's ability to adapt his strategy mid-fight, a trait that's gold in the cage. Despite being a newcomer to the UFC, he's shown he can hang with veterans and isn't afraid to go the distance. His stats indicate a slightly less aggressive approach than McGhee, focusing more on significant strikes and utilizing his takedown defense effectively.

Analysis and Key Points

The upcoming bout between McGhee and Bolanos is shaping up to be a classic striker vs. striker matchup. McGhee's aggressive, finisher-style approach contrasts with Bolanos's more strategic and resilient fighting style. McGhee's strength lies in his ability to deliver knockout blows and adapt his strategy, which might pose a significant challenge to Bolanos, who tends to absorb more strikes. Bolanos, however, has shown he can take punishment and still push forward, which could test McGhee's endurance if the fight goes into the later rounds.


In conclusion, Marcus McGhee is favored to win, given his impressive striking, finishing ability, and recent performances. His adaptability and resilience are key factors that give him an edge in this matchup. However, Gaston Bolanos's tenacity and ability to endure tough situations shouldn't be underestimated. Expect a high-octane, striking-heavy battle where McGhee's power and precision might be the deciding factors.

UFC Fight Analysis: Farid Basharat vs Taylor Lapilus

WolfTicketsAI Predicts Farid Basharat to Win

Farid Basharat's Breakdown

Farid Basharat, undefeated in his career, shows a blend of aggressive striking and savvy grappling. In his fight against Kleydson Rodrigues, Basharat's ability to exploit grappling exchanges was evident. He maintained control during ground fights and used strategic submissions, reminiscent of Khabib Nurmagomedov's style. Against Da'Mon Blackshear, Basharat's adaptability shone, managing to climb back up swiftly after takedowns and displaying sharp boxing skills. His stats, such as high takedown accuracy (0.4545) and significant striking defense percentage (0.5760), reflect his balanced approach.

Taylor Lapilus's Breakdown

Taylor Lapilus exhibits a technical fighting style with a solid defensive wrestling foundation. His fight against Caolan Loughran highlighted his takedown defense skills. Lapilus's ability to manage distance and execute effective striking, akin to Israel Adesanya, allows him to control fights on his terms. His stats, like significant striking accuracy (0.4712) and a high win percentage (0.8636), underscore his proficiency in striking and defense.

Analysis and Key Points

Basharat’s grappling prowess and strategic ground control could pose a challenge to Lapilus. However, Lapilus's takedown defense and striking ability could neutralize Basharat's ground game. Basharat's ability to adapt in the face of versatile opponents like Blackshear, combined with his undefeated record, plays a significant role in WolfTicketsAI's prediction.

Lapilus's experience and striking proficiency, however, cannot be underestimated. His history of fending off wrestlers and controlling the stand-up game will be crucial in this fight. His striking diversity and accuracy could test Basharat's defense.


Considering both fighters' styles and strengths, Farid Basharat's grappling and adaptability seem to give him an edge in this matchup, as per WolfTicketsAI's prediction. However, Taylor Lapilus's striking and takedown defense make him a formidable opponent. This fight promises a classic striker vs. grappler showdown, with Basharat likely to try and bring the fight to the ground, while Lapilus will aim to keep it standing and exploit his striking advantage.